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It is not always easy to find a suitable game. However with the help of the categories, a short description and the allocated symbols, everyone can hopefully find a suitable game. In addition, you can also the complete database and search for games using specific search criteria. At the moment there are approximately 1000 games in the database.

Ball Games

An overview of all of the 1000 games

All of the games available in overview including details about the materials required (M :). By clicking on the link you will receive a detailed description.

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Get Acquainted Games

  1. Elf, Giant, Magician

    M: nothing

  2. A blind pair

    M: blindfolds

  3. Partner body positions

    M: music player

  4. Line up

    M: nothing

  5. Zipp-Zapp

    M: nothing

  6. Shoe Pile

    M: nothing

  7. Stand up

    M: nothing

  8. Greeting Rituals

    M: nothing

  9. The ball with names

    M: ball

  10. Backwards names

    M: nothing

  11. Name crossword

    M: paper and pencils

  12. Making gestures

    M: nothing

  13. Bang

    M: nothing

  14. Pip squeak

    M: nothing

  15. Introduction - Starter questions

    M: nothing

  16. Smarties and stories

    M: bonbons, sweets, or toilet paper

  17. Who is it?

    M: paper (cards) and pencils

  18. The group (spider) net

    M: ball of yarn

  19. Newspaper Slaps

    M: newspaper

  20. 3 wishes, 3 truths, 3 important things

    M: paper (cards) and pencils

  21. Formation line

    M: long board

  22. Hands

    M: blanket or a door

  23. Group estimations

    M: paper and pencils

  24. Whose balloon is this?

    M: balloons, water proofed pencils

  25. Secret calls

    M: blindfolds

  26. Blindly sorted

    M: blindfolds

  27. Animals find their partner

    M: blindfolds, cards with animal names

  28. Spoon grab

    M: blindfolds, spoon grab

  29. Who knows all of the group members by name?

    M: blanket

  30. What Belongs to Whom?

    M: blanket

  31. I love…

    M: ball or heart

  32. The perfect chaos

    M: prepare and check cards with opposite tasks and check if the tasks really are possible.

  33. Family Maier, Meier, Mayer and Meyer

    M: prepared cards with the family names

  34. Like to like

    M: film pots with different contents.

  35. Lipstick kiss or footprint

    M: paper, colours for the footprint

  36. Remember the name even in this paper mess

    M: None

  37. Sitting on the Meadow

    M: None

  38. Speed dating

    M: Theme Sheets

  39. Mini Chaos Game

    M: Theme Sheets

  40. Truth or False

    M: None, maybe pins and paper

  41. Throwing Snowballs – getting to know one another

    M: Snow

  42. Something to play with and something to tell ...

    M: Kinder Surprise

  43. Shadow Clone on paper

    M: Lamp, white wall, paper, and pen

  44. Toss me your name

    M: Ball

  45. Blind Date

    M: Sheet or curtain

  46. Game with blankets

    M: Blanket

  47. My favourite food

    M: Paper, pens, safety pins

  48. Characteristics ala motor boat

    M: Word pairs, paper, pencils

  49. Question time

    M: Paper, pens, questions

  50. Where I have been ...

    M: Map of the world, big sheets of paper, pens

  51. Am I the only one who can...?

    M: Circle of chairs

  52. Know the name

    M: One or more balls

  53. Island game

    M: Markers for the floor, several Hula hoop rings

  54. Who can escape the hunter?

    M: Newspaper

  55. Memorizing my classmates

    M: Paper, pen, name tags,

  56. Klaus kisses Kermit

    M: Paper, pens

  57. Eerie Edding

    M: Edding

  58. Remembering names

    M: None

  59. Who am I looking for?

    M: None

  60. The first impression counts

    M: Pens, paper

  61. I want to know

    M: Pens, paper

  62. Favourite number

    M: None

  63. What is your favourite food?

    M: A ball

  64. Getting to know Bingo

    M: Pens, paper

  65. The other way around

    M: 2 dice

  66. Emotional getting to know each other

    M: None

  67. Getting to know Domino

    M: Paper, pens

  68. Network game

    M: None

  69. Parliament (rather for youth groups)

    M: Circle of chairs

  70. Characteristics-Bingo

    M: Paper, pens

  71. Common and different

    M: None

  72. Name Scrabble

    M: Paper, pens

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Circle Games

  1. Do You Love Your Neighbour?

    M: nothing

  2. Darling, I Love You, But…

    M: nothing

  3. All Birds Fly High

    M: nothing

  4. Ribbel Dibbel or President - Vice President

    M: nothing

  5. Change places

    M: nothing

  6. Snake

    M: nothing

  7. Thigh and Hand Concentration

    M: nothing

  8. Camp Alphabet

    M: nothing

  9. The Laugher

    M: nothing

  10. Musical Chairs

    M: chairs

  11. Clusters

    M: nothing

  12. Sit on Laps

    M: nothing

  13. Come With Us / Run Away

    M: nothing

  14. Black pudding, paté

    M: nothing

  15. Crawled through the gate!

    M: nothing

  16. Circle runners

    M: nothing (or a ball, or handkerchief)

  17. Caught in a Circle

    M: nothing

  18. Mouse hangs the cat

    M: nothing

  19. Oops the six

    M: nothing

  20. Commander Pimpernel

    M: nothing

  21. Port or starboard

    M: nothing

  22. Horse races

    M: nothing

  23. Rumours or the silent postman’s knock

    M: nothing (or piece of paper and pencil)

  24. My right place is empty

    M: nothing

  25. Silly has lost his hat

    M: nothing

  26. Smell the stool!

    M: nothing (only the chairs)

  27. Finding words

    M: nothing

  28. Postman's knock (pantomime)

    M: nothing

  29. Passing on facial expressions

    M: nothing

  30. Guess the mood

    M: nothing

  31. The story

    M: nothing (or well prepared terms)

  32. At the psychiatrists

    M: nothing

  33. Changes

    M: nothing

  34. Hello, I am Anton from Anzac!

    M: nothing

  35. Children’s laughter is catching

    M: nothing

  36. Keep a straight face

    M: nothing

  37. People memory

    M: nothing

  38. Who’s the Boss?

    M: nothing

  39. The Moo Cow Game

    M: nothing

  40. Hands Up

    M: nothing

  41. Whistle Game

    M: whistle with a long string

  42. Rattlesnake

    M: 2 blindfolds, cans to rattle or little bells

  43. The killer

    M: cards

  44. Where’s the Ring?

    M: long string, ring

  45. The Signal – Squeeze Hands

    M: piece of money, spoon, chair

  46. Fox Hunt or Lazy Egg

    M: handkerchief or package of tissues

  47. Parachute Games

    M: parachute

  48. Circle tug

    M: nothing (or bottles, stick, blanket)

  49. Penny circle relay

    M: coin

  50. Conveyor relay

    M: 3-5 tins or 5 pencils, a slat witch candles, matches

  51. Towel race

    M: handkerchief or package of tissues

  52. Behind the back

    M: handkerchief or package of tissues

  53. Hands up

    M: coin

  54. Match tower

    M: matches, bottle

  55. Pinball

    M: ball

  56. Wild boar hunt

    M: 2 balls

  57. Slide Over Cards

    M: cards

  58. Stinky Feet

    M: blindfolds, own shoes

  59. Heavy shoulder weights

    M: pack of tissues or rubbers

  60. Bottle guard

    M: ball, bottle

  61. Newspaper whacking 2

    M: newspaper

  62. The match bottle tower

    M: matches, bottle

  63. Fruit salad

    M: cards with fruits

  64. Parliament bench

    M: chairs

  65. Special agent game

    M: paper, pencils

  66. Biting Dog

    M: rope, some objects

  67. Drawing phrases on the back

    M: nothing (or some prepared terms)

  68. Balloon hits

    M: balloon

  69. Extreme musical chairs

    M: cards, music player

  70. Musical Chairs – A Variation

    M: balloons, music player

  71. Good old chair-circle game

    M: None

  72. Me, just me, just me all alone ...

    M: None

  73. Winking at each other with wrong names

    M: None

  74. My dachshund Valdemar

    M: None

  75. Zipp Zapp

    M: None

  76. Winking game

    M: None

  77. My right, right seat is free - with a difference

    M: None

  78. Ping Pong

    M: None

  79. Get in!

    M: None, rope or chalk

  80. Elephant-parade

    M: None

  81. Laughing is forbidden

    M: None

  82. The red sock

    M: Circle of chairs

  83. Board in a circle

    M: Round Cutting Board

  84. The crazy ball game

    M: 3 Balls

  85. Circle Football

    M: Ball

  86. Dovecote

    M: Parachute

  87. Ant-eater

    M: Circle of chairs,

  88. Cushion Race

    M: Circle of chairs, 2 pillows/cushions

  89. Hatschi-Bratschi

    M: Circle of chairs

  90. Student-Memory

    M: Circle of chairs

  91. I am sitting in a meadow

    M: Circle of chairs

  92. Slippery cards

    M: Deck of cards, chairs

  93. Changing sides

    M: A rope or something to mark a circle.

  94. Werwolf

    M: Circle of chairs

  95. Beehive

    M: Circle of chairs

  96. Schraps has lost his hat

    M: None

  97. Toilet paper spinning.

    M: A role of toilet paper.

  98. Journey to Jerusalem

    M: Several hats

  99. Catch the broom

    M: Broom or ball

  100. Winking competition

    M: Circle of chairs, circle game,

  101. Who stole the cookie from the tin?

    M: None

  102. Group Memory

    M: None

  103. Bello the dog

    M: Bone or object

  104. Bello, Bello

    M: Bone or object, blindfold

  105. People Memory

    M: None

  106. Chameleon

    M: Colourful wool strands

  107. Ant is looking for a chair

    M: Maybe a ball

  108. Cross Pharmacy

    M: Circle of chairs

  109. Slaying dragons

    M: None

  110. Sit!

    M: None

  111. Train ride

    M: Circle of chairs

  112. Pulling carrots

    M: None

  113. Pocket Action

    M: None

  114. Circle game

    M: None

  115. Sitting football

    M: Chair circle, ball

  116. I am riding on a train

    M: Circle of chairs

  117. Green soup

    M: Circle of chairs,

  118. The adjective game

    M: None

  119. The Key King

    M: Chairs

  120. Name emblem

    M: Paper, pens

  121. Susi Sauerkraut

    M: None

  122. The ankle bracelet

    M: None

  123. Tower guard

    M: Bell, cord, chair

  124. Blind trust

    M: Blindfold, scarf, chairs

  125. Sneaking up

    M: Chair, blindfold, keychain

  126. Magic Pantomime

    M: None

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Trust Games

  1. Supporting Hands

    M: nothing

  2. Transport the Injured

    M: nothing

  3. Zigzag Circle

    M: nothing, or a rope

  4. Finding the secret entrance

    M: nothing

  5. Push the emergency button

    M: nothing

  6. Fall Back

    M: nothing

  7. The Tickle Game

    M: nothing or a blanket

  8. Group and Outsider

    M: nothing

  9. Balloon Trip

    M: nothing

  10. Nature Blind Touch

    M: blindfolds

  11. Cat and Mouse

    M: blindfolds

  12. Leading the Blind

    M: ropes

  13. Horse with blinkers

    M: bottles or cones or sticks

  14. Double statue

    M: blindfold

  15. Banging your head against the wall

    M: blanket

  16. Sleeping mummies

    M: blanket

  17. Blind snake

    M: blindfolds

  18. Leading the Blind

    M: ropes

  19. Mine Fields

    M: blindfold, paper or bottles

  20. Rope spider

    M: ropes

  21. Fake fainting

    M: None

  22. Blind in the forest

    M: Blindfolds

  23. Blind guides

    M: Blindfolds

  24. Leading the blind over a hurdle course

    M: Blindfolds, Obstacle Course

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Fun & Contest Games

Ball games | Games with a ball

  1. Hunter Ball

    M: ball

  2. Rugby or Frisbee rugby

    M: ball or Frisbee

  3. Push ball games

    M: Push ball or earth ball

  4. Ball games: 2 front ball

    M: ball, cones

  5. Ball game: Throwing and scoring

    M: ball, cones

  6. Throwing - running - scoring

    M: ball, cones

  7. Rabbit and hunter

    M: ball, cones

  8. Ball spying

    M: ball, cones

  9. Circle or basket throwing

    M: ball, 2 x circle markings or 2 x baskets (clothes basket).

  10. Roller ball

    M: ball, playing field, 2 goals (tables)

  11. Breaking the ring

    M: ball

  12. Banned

    M: ball

  13. Hunt fever

    M: balls, marked field

  14. Tunnel ball

    M: a ball for each team

  15. Dodge ball

    M: ball, marked field

  16. Burning ball

    M: ball, marked field (cones), basket or bowl

  17. Bodyguard

    M: ball

  18. Throwing – catching – sitting

    M: ball

  19. Capture the fort

    M: ball

  20. Climbing up and down

    M: ball

  21. Football-rugby

    M: rugby ball

  22. Hand (roll) ball

    M: ball

  23. Alaska

    M: ball

  24. Basketball without a basket

    M: ball and a wall

  25. Ball circle games

    M: ball

  26. Team change

    M: volleyball, volleyball net

  27. To catch or not

    M: ball

  28. Breaking the ring

    M: ball

  29. Guard ball

    M: ball, 10 plastic bottles with water

  30. Beach ball keep-up record

    M: ball

  31. Ball tricks

    M: ball

  32. Chaos Rugby

    M: many rugby balls or normal balls

  33. Baseball or Frisbee baseball

    M: ball or Frisbee, marked field (cones), baseball bat

  34. Give up the ball ten times

    M: ball

  35. The rubbish bag volleyball game

    M: volleyball, volleyball net, blankets

  36. Non-contact rugby

    M: ball, ribbons

  37. Volleyball with a limited view

    M: volleyball, volleyball net , blankets

  38. The blind football team

    M: Football, blindfolds, goal

  39. Midfield

    M: Ball

  40. Ball Game Chaos

    M: Tennis ball, softball, soccer (3 balls in total)

  41. Emptying bottles

    M: Bottle, ball, straw

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Lawn games | Games on grass

  1. Wolf

    M: nothing

  2. Breaking Chains

    M: nothing

  3. Cat chases mouse

    M: nothing

  4. Human croquet

    M: nothing

  5. Rolling

    M: nothing

  6. Bridge prisoners

    M: nothing

  7. Octopussy

    M: nothing

  8. Always in contact

    M: nothing

  9. Snake

    M: nothing

  10. Peace wall

    M: nothing

  11. Scuffling and reaping the rewards

    M: several objects

  12. Border battles

    M: marked field (cones, ropes, chalk)

  13. Blind alley

    M: blindfolds

  14. Booty

    M: several objects

  15. Capture and robbery

    M: handkerchief or band of a plastic foil

  16. Catching dragon tails

    M: handkerchief or band of a plastic foil

  17. Indiaca

    M: Indiaca, playing field and net

  18. Rope circles

    M: rope with a beanbag as a weight

  19. 3-a-side

    M: ball

  20. Frisbee-Golf

    M: Frisbee

  21. Field Combat

    M: marked playing field

  22. Drink coaster match

    M: drink coasters, marked playing field

  23. The three legged race

    M: Foot loops (rope, strong string or long pieces of fabric).

  24. Shoe hockey

    M: own shoes or toilet brushes, 2 goals (chairs, tables), ball or balloons

  25. Waste paper basket handball game

    M: marked field, ball, 2 baskets (bowls, buckets)

  26. Under fire - a difficult life saving action

    M: marked field, balls, blanket or mat

  27. The rock hard rugby game on the knees or backside

    M: marked field, ball, 2 goals

  28. Frisbee

    M: Frisbee, 2 goals (buckets, bowls, tables)

  29. Fishing in the other pond

    M: Rope as a marker

  30. Wet stocking run

    M: Socks, water, measuring cup, washing line, pegs

  31. Wet socks are approaching

    M: Socks, water, measuring tape

  32. Bathmat Rally

    M: Bathmat

  33. Carousel

    M: Carpet, or parachute

  34. National League

    M: Depending on the sport

  35. Catching the ostrich

    M: Snow…

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Team games | Games for teams or sides

  1. Clothes chain

    M: nothing

  2. Chaos game or scavenger hunt

    M: nothing

  3. Chain caterpillar

    M: nothing

  4. Mad house

    M: nothing

  5. Screaming – Blaring - Screeching

    M: nothing (or some terms)

  6. Team game

    M: chalk, obstacles

  7. 5 hands and 2 feet

    M: nothing

  8. And So it Goes…

    M: nothing

  9. Cotton Ball Vacuum

    M: cotton wool or paper, straws

  10. Wooden Match-Matchbox-Relay

    M: matchboxes

  11. Blowing a match box

    M: matchboxes or cotton wool

  12. Swapping bottles

    M: per team 2 bottles minimum

  13. Show your Legs

    M: blindfolds

  14. Sitting football

    M: balloons, cut-offs of carpet

  15. Upside Down and Back Again

    M: blankets

  16. Hunting Fever

    M: clothespins

  17. Find The Clothespins

    M: clothespins, blindfolds

  18. Cotton Ball Battle

    M: cotton wool, playing field

  19. Chopstick Training

    M: matchbox

  20. Fox

    M: tokens

  21. Far Shot

    M: tokens (white and black)

  22. Ski Shot

    M: tokens

  23. Presenting simple catchphrases

    M: nothing (or well prepared catchphrases)

  24. Paper Airplanes

    M: paper, stop watch, measuring tape

  25. Swimming competition for paper boats

    M: paper, rubbers, candles, coins, bowl, matches

  26. Shooting gummi bears with rubbers

    M: paper, rubbers, gummi bears

  27. Tied Up Together

    M: newspapers

  28. Matchbox On Your Nose

    M: matchbox

  29. Beer mat discus

    M: beer or drink coasters, chalk or a bowl, measuring tape

  30. Cork skittles

    M: cork, tennis ball, chalk

  31. Running blind on the rope

    M: blindfold, rope

  32. Falling Playing Cards

    M: playing cards, bottle

  33. Passing the marshmallow

    M: Marshmallows

  34. Chewing Gum and Rubber Gloves

    M: rubber gloves, chewing gums

  35. Chewing Gum Art

    M: chewing gums

  36. Ball Race 1

    M: (tennis)-ball

  37. Ball Race 2

    M: ball

  38. Get Dressed

    M: blindfolds, clothes

  39. In the Funnel

    M: funnel, coin, water

  40. Frisbee catching

    M: Frisbee

  41. Spider football

    M: ball

  42. Over the border

    M: nothing (or some things as scores)

  43. Sitting football with place change

    M: ball

  44. The indoor snowball fight

    M: polystyrene balls or cotton wool

  45. Waist Measurements

    M: toilet paper, measuring tape

  46. Newspaper Battle

    M: newspapers

  47. Vaseline beard

    M: cotton wool and Vaseline

  48. Long, bigger, emptiest…

    M: measuring tape or meter stick

  49. The circle of power

    M: rope

  50. Pinned Together

    M: clothespins

  51. Throwing coins into the bath tub

    M: bowl, coins, plate, water proofed marker

  52. Soaping off

    M: shaving foam, water pistols, plastic foil

  53. Taking care of the blind

    M: blindfold, various objects, ropes, chairs

  54. Games Using Corks

    M: 10-100 corks

  55. Newspaper designer

    M: newspapers, strings, scissors, sticky tape

  56. Newspaper hockey

    M: newspapers, chairs or tables, tennis ball

  57. Shooting bottles

    M: 2 filled water plastic bottles, 2 balls

  58. The 3 Person Dream Team

    M: balloon or ball

  59. Toilet brush hockey

    M: 6-10 toilet brushes, ball as a puck

  60. Handicap

    M: potato sack, rope, cartons

  61. Ring hockey

    M: sticks (upturned sweeping brushes), ring, 2 goals

  62. Balloon Hockey

    M: long balloons

  63. The Group Worm

    M: balloons or newspaper

  64. Change Clothes

    M: for each team: shirt, jacket, pants, socks, hat and gloves

  65. Supermarket game

    M: various objects

  66. Heavy Ball Fight

    M: Medicine balls or other heavy balls

  67. Ball Fight

    M: Balls

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Competitive games | Volunteers play against each other | You bet!

  1. You bet! 2 feet and 3 people

    M: nothing

  2. One handed shoe laces

    M: nothing, only your shoes

  3. Cannibal Dance

    M: nothing

  4. Blowing feathers

    M: down feather, stop watch

  5. Chicken pecking

    M: handkerchief or a serviette

  6. Hula hoop

    M: Hula hoop and a stopwatch

  7. Unwrapping Kinder eggs with the mouth

    M: Kinder eggs

  8. Defusing bombs

    M: toilet paper, objects

  9. Cotton wool mountain

    M: cotton wool, spoon

  10. Lip card rally or nose pencil rally

    M: cards or pencils

  11. Tattered newspapers

    M: newspaper

  12. Egg Cups Ping Pong

    M: 2 egg cups, 1 ping pong ball

  13. Toe feelings - sorting task

    M: chestnuts, acorn, nuts, chairs, plates or bowls

  14. Cotton ball Blowing

    M: balloons, cotton wool

  15. Juggling Balloons

    M: balloons

  16. Lung Capacity

    M: balloons, measure beaker, measuring tape, water bucket

  17. Balloon Man

    M: balloons, felt marker

  18. Cotton Ball Transfer

    M: blindfold, cotton wool, spoon grab, bowl

  19. Newspaper mummy

    M: toilet paper or newspaper and adhesive tape

  20. Newspaper Snake

    M: paper, if applicable stop watch and measuring tape

  21. Letting balloons burst

    M: balloons

  22. Lying between two stools

    M: 2 chairs

  23. Blow Out The Candle

    M: candles, matches

  24. Spare The Match

    M: candles, matches

  25. Mission Impossible

    M: table, scarf

  26. Blind Circles

    M: blindfold, chalk

  27. Balls of wool

    M: 2 balls of wool

  28. Counting rice

    M: Rice or raisins, kebab sticks or chocolate matchsticks

  29. Monkey business: peeling bananas

    M: bananas

  30. Tying knots - no easy business

    M: short rope

  31. Skipping rope - alone, in pairs or in threes..?

    M: rope

  32. Limbo

    M: rope

  33. People hide out

    M: blanket

  34. Sleeping stork

    M: blindfold

  35. Endurance or strong fingers

    M: clothespins

  36. Ball throw and catching competition 1

    M: ball

  37. Ball throw and catching competition 2

    M: ball

  38. Ball throw and catching competition 3

    M: ball

  39. Ball rope balance

    M: ball, 2 short ropes

  40. Mission (Im)possible 2

    M: sturdy table

  41. Burnt Finger?

    M: matches, stop watch

  42. Risk

    M: balloons

  43. Rubber Band Balance

    M: rubber band, tokens

  44. Bicycle Inner tube

    M: bicycle inner tube

  45. Cut the Bands

    M: barricade tape

  46. Paper Bag Game

    M: paper, chair

  47. Flour Game

    M: flour, spoon, plate, jar

  48. Balance the Spoon

    M: chairs, spoons, blindfolds

  49. Air Shot

    M: blindfolds, table tennis ball or cotton wool, table

  50. Want to Bet (2)?

    M: newspaper, door, nothing

  51. Table Tennis Ball Catch

    M: table tennis ball, water glass

  52. Potato Peeling Contest

    M: cooked potatoes, peeler

  53. Collecting Potatoes

    M: potatoes, spoons

  54. Hold drink Coasters

    M: drink coasters

  55. Stuffed with newspaper

    M: newspapers

  56. Belly Dance

    M: pole, 2 tables

  57. Dirty handles

    M: 2 toilet brushes, chocolate sauce

  58. I am the best

    M: apples

  59. 3-dimensional puzzle

    M: toothpicks, apples

  60. The Wrong Step

    M: bottles

  61. Fishing for paper snakes

    M: String or rope, paper snakes (from newspaper or party cans) a stick with a hook as a rod and a measuring tape.

  62. Knocking cans - in pairs while handcuffed

    M: ball, cans, rope

  63. Undressed

    M: balloons

  64. Blowing paper

    M: string, paper

  65. Shaky Business

    M: beaker, water, cup

  66. Swinging Apples

    M: apples, or lemons, or oranges, safety pins, string

  67. Want to Bet (1)?

    M: 5

  68. Fire Ship

    M: candles, small wood board, string, pencil

  69. Poker Chip Roll

    M: tokens or poker chips, table or board, 3 goals

  70. Diving into cream

    M: 2 bowls, gummi bears, whipped cream

  71. Bucket stairs

    M: stable buckets

  72. Nut Sorting

    M: walnuts, chestnuts and acorns, sort box or plates

  73. Ants

    M: various things to smell (plants, deodorant sticks, fruits, …)

  74. Fast wash

    M: string (rope), clothes pegs, bowl, clothes

  75. Keyring

    M: Key rings, key

  76. Ball Maze

    M: Ball maze balls

  77. Emptying the tissue box

    M: Tissue boxes – lots of them

  78. Running on the spot

    M: Pedometer

  79. Puffball

    M: TT ball, TT-plate, goals

  80. Eating biscuit

    M: Cookies

  81. Double Cookie-Tower

    M: Cookies

  82. Button count

    M: Buttons, blindfold

  83. Toothpick Troops

    M: Toothpick, A4 paper sheets

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Competitive games | One on one

  1. Pull, drag or push

    M: nothing

  2. Pushing and squeezing

    M: nothing

  3. Crocodile competition

    M: nothing

  4. Back to back

    M: nothing

  5. Astronaut Training

    M: bottle

  6. Crab fight

    M: nothing

  7. Back to back

    M: nothing

  8. Stiff

    M: nothing

  9. Sock Wrestling

    M: 2 socks per person

  10. Ring shove

    M: nothing

  11. Piggyback Battle

    M: nothing

  12. Potato Fencing

    M: 4 spoons, 2 potatoes

  13. Tree stump: Pedestal fight

    M: 2 (beer) crates or 2 chairs

  14. Table-Finger-Soccer

    M: 6 coins, a table

  15. Wet shower

    M: water bucket, water

  16. Pulling circles

    M: rope, marked circle

  17. Cock fight

    M: marked circle

  18. Tyre island or tyres for the island

    M: 2 car tires or inner tubes

  19. Blind at the table

    M: blindfolds, table, handkerchief

  20. Collecting ribbons

    M: ribbons (crepe tape, plastic band, paper)

  21. One wobbly leg

    M: stick

  22. Ripping newspaper halves

    M: newspaper

  23. Faster as a Fireman

    M: rope, 2 jackets, 2 chairs

  24. Duel

    M: nothing

  25. Sack fight

    M: 2 potato sacks, 2 blankets

  26. Box Bomber

    M: boxes, puck, scrub mop

  27. Only With Light

    M: plate, milk, spoons, candles

  28. Beating Eggs in a New Way

    M: raw eggs, newspapers, old nylon knee stockings and blindfolds

  29. House wife hockey

    M: 2 mops, 1 cloth (dishcloth), 2 goals (stools)

  30. Fighting Game: Get out of the circle

    M: None

  31. Crab racing

    M: None

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Sketches for camp or a parent’s evening

  1. One-man sketch

    M: nothing

  2. The lie mummy

    M: nothing

  3. The dog bite

    M: nothing

  4. House search

    M: nothing

  5. Counterfeit money

    M: nothing (or striped jackets)

  6. Clothing by Johnny Doll

    M: nothing

  7. Needle and thread (pantomime)

    M: nothing

  8. Brain for sale

    M: nothing (or some glasses)

  9. The broken finger

    M: nothing

  10. At the cinema

    M: chairs

  11. Blind Horse

    M: nothing

  12. Jumped over the cliff

    M: nothing

  13. Chainsaw

    M: nothing

  14. Climbing artist

    M: nothing

  15. The little green ball

    M: nothing

  16. The snake bite

    M: nothing

  17. The clairvoyant

    M: nothing (or a crystal ball)

  18. On the hunt

    M: nothing

  19. The strange prescription

    M: nothing

  20. The inexpensive meal

    M: nothing

  21. 2 Babies in a pram

    M: baby costumes, pram

  22. The telephone

    M: nothing (or only a telephone and a desk)

  23. Brown trousers

    M: nothing (or marine costumes)

  24. Flies

    M: glass

  25. Mustard Indian

    M: nothing (or a pot with mustard)

  26. Weight lifting

    M: some water canisters, large lead balls (paper machee)

  27. Brushing teeth

    M: water, beaker, toothbrush

  28. Chewing gum

    M: chewing gum, park bench or some chairs

  29. An Indian in the city

    M: Indian dress dressing

  30. Suicide

    M: notebook

  31. The control at the factory gate

    M: boxes

  32. The secret of the fisherman

    M: angle

  33. On the connection

    M: bed (table or 3 chairs)

  34. Tracks in the snow

    M: bandage

  35. The hair in the hamburger

    M: lump of mince

  36. Lively hairspray

    M: hairspray

  37. Letter from home

    M: 2 letters

  38. Illegal Chicken Farm

    M: bank notes, corn

  39. The lost penny

    M: nothing (or a floor lamp))

  40. The royal paper

    M: toilet paper, chair

  41. Dog poo

    M: box, little dog (cuddly toy)

  42. Raisins

    M: raisin

  43. The king’s raisins

    M: raisins

  44. Small stone

    M: red Indian dress costumes

  45. My favourite worm

    M: liquorice (worm)

  46. The bear in the undergrowth

    M: hiking boots, sport shoes

  47. After the duel

    M: measuring tape, water beaker

  48. The lion and the tamers

    M: nothing (or costumes)

  49. At the dentist’s of Schreiersheim

    M: a hammer, a few large chisels and a massive pair of pliers, chair

  50. Short scene from the train

    M: bag, sack

  51. The duel

    M: 2 pistols

  52. The cobbler boy’s dream

    M: shoes and some cobbler tools

  53. The black hand game

    M: bed, chair, note

  54. A terrible discovery

    M: coffee, bread buns, raisin

  55. The blind passenger

    M: rows of chairs

  56. Three boys who bought peppermints in the chemists

    M: long ladder

  57. The massive snake

    M: blanket or bed sheet

  58. At the hairdressers

    M: bucket, whipped cream, shaving brush (tassel)

  59. Washing socks

    M: coffee pot, socks

  60. Camera - action

    M: camera, chair, spotlights

  61. The baby

    M: little baby doll

  62. The caterpillar

    M: blanket, a cup of water

  63. The tightrope acrobat

    M: rope, pole, chairs, costumes, a ladder

  64. Sketches at the doctors

    M: table, doctor costume

  65. Sketch with the statue

    M: table, water bucket, brush

  66. At the barbers

    M: chairs, whipped cream, rope, large wooden knife, board (3 holes in a wooden plank), tassel

  67. The flea circus

    M: nothing

  68. The tramp (pantomime sketch)

    M: park bench, tramp costume

  69. Sitting posture

    M: None

  70. In the waiting room

    M: None

  71. James, the butler

    M: None

  72. Angels and devils are rich

    M: None

  73. Cinderella

    M: Curtain, powerful lamp

  74. The fashion designer

    M: Long Underpants

  75. The 1000 kilo backpack

    M: Sign with inscription, backpack, book

  76. Allah gives me a white snake

    M: Bowl, towel, turban

  77. The clairvoyant

    M: None

  78. A long drought

    M: None

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Catching games

  1. Cat and mouse

    M: nothing

  2. Fox and hare

    M: nothing

  3. Chain catching

    M: nothing

  4. British Bulldog

    M: nothing

  5. The bone man

    M: nothing

  6. Helper

    M: nothing

  7. Always the same

    M: nothing

  8. Enjoy immunity

    M: nothing

  9. Flee for the mountains

    M: nothing

  10. Shadow catching

    M: nothing

  11. Capturing the castle

    M: nothing

  12. Horse escape

    M: nothing

  13. Bible knowledge is useful

    M: some bible phrases

  14. The following hunt

    M: nothing

  15. Tagged free

    M: nothing

  16. Rope race

    M: ropes

  17. Catching molecules

    M: clothespins or cord

  18. Tree tagging

    M: rope

  19. Banned

    M: ball

  20. Dog or cat | True or false

    M: coin

  21. Ant game

    M: blanket, ribbons

  22. Toilet Paper Tag

    M: toilet paper

  23. Hunting ribbons

    M: ribbons (crepe tape, plastic band, paper), balloons with strings

  24. Freeing friends

    M: playing cards

  25. Grandmother, Hunter, and Wolf

    M: None

  26. Bomb

    M: None

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Blowing Games

  1. Blowing cotton

    M: Cottonwool

  2. Belly Puff Game

    M: Table Tennis Ball

  3. Blowing corks

    M: Cork, Lego, marshmallows

  4. Eggcup-hopping

    M: Ping pong ball, egg cup

  5. Matchbox-blowing

    M: Matchbox

  6. Blowing eggs

    M: Eggs

  7. Cottonwool-straw-obstacle course

    M: Straws, cotton wools, hurdles

  8. Blowing out candles

    M: Candles, matches

  9. Blowing cotton wool from bowl to bowl

    M: Cotton wool , 2 bowls

  10. Who can blow the cotton wool ball the furthest

    M: Cotton wool balls

  11. Blowing a feather

    M: Feathers

  12. Blow out your opponent’s candle

    M: Candles, matches

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Children's Birthday and Party Games

  1. Ox at the mountain

    M: nothing

  2. Make a squeak

    M: blindfold

  3. Cutting off prizes or tasks

    M: Prizes, task sheets, ribbons, scissors, string and clothes pegs

  4. Snap story

    M: various objects

  5. Have or Have Not

    M: nothing

  6. Impressive movement dances

    M: nothing more than a music player

  7. Body part dancing

    M: nothing more than a music player

  8. Stuck together and

    M: nothing more than a music player

  9. Island Game

    M: newspaper, music player

  10. Who Must With Whom?

    M: yarn or film pots with different contents or a puzzle.

  11. Blind Recognition

    M: blindfolds

  12. Hold the Apple

    M: apples or newspapers

  13. Take It All

    M: bonbons, a bucket or a blanket

  14. Candy Transport

    M: spoons, bucket, bonbons

  15. Passing a Lit Match

    M: matches

  16. Rescue Islands

    M: chalk, music player

  17. Sack race

    M: sacks

  18. Balloon step

    M: balloons, strings

  19. Cotton Ball Blowing

    M: cotton wool

  20. Pot hitting

    M: pot, blindfold, spoon, sweets

  21. The Rubber Band

    M: rubber bands

  22. Chinese chopsticks

    M: Nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts or peanuts), chopsticks (or kebab sticks, matches or chocolate matchsticks).

  23. Made up and powdered

    M: Face painting materials/make-up

  24. The nappy rally

    M: large nappy, dummy, baby's bottle

  25. Wind-up

    M: baby's bottle with a rubber teat

  26. Blind dance

    M: blindfolds, music player

  27. Cinderella

    M: blindfold, corn kernels, grains of rice, dried peas, dry beans, etc., box

  28. Candle Out

    M: candles, matches, corks with a string, chairs

  29. Hanging Hot Dog

    M: hot dogs, mustard, ketchup, string, paper napkin

  30. Chocolate Eating

    M: chocolate, wrapping paper, string, knife and fork, gloves, hat, pants, jacket

  31. Balloon Shaving

    M: balloons, sharp knife, shaving cream

  32. Balloons in the Pants

    M: balloons

  33. Plate Slurping

    M: plate, water or apple sauce or yogurt

  34. Super teat

    M: water bottle, dummy

  35. Flour Game

    M: flour, plate, piece of chocolate, knife

  36. Eating Apples from the Water Pail

    M: apples, bowl, water

  37. Feeding

    M: yogurt or apple sauce, blindfold, spoon

  38. Animalistic meetings

    M: Notes with animals names each with two copies.

  39. Baby food

    M: apple sauce, blindfold, spoon

  40. Gift thoughts

    M: different objects (gifts)

  41. Food search

    M: peas or chestnuts or clothes pegs

  42. Eat the Hot dog

    M: hot dogs, mustard, ketchup, string, paper napkin

  43. Yahtzee with candies

    M: Sweets, tape, writing pad pen

  44. Chaos trip to Jerusalem

    M: Chairs, Objects

  45. Fashion Show

    M: Many clothes bags

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Relay Games

  1. Crab race

    M: nothing

  2. Roman Wagon Races

    M: nothing

  3. A Different Kind of Leapfrog

    M: nothing

  4. Tunnel relay

    M: nothing

  5. Bridge relay

    M: nothing

  6. Duck race

    M: nothing

  7. Leap frog

    M: nothing

  8. Bull race

    M: nothing

  9. Massive rolls

    M: nothing

  10. Couples crab race

    M: nothing

  11. Centipede race

    M: nothing

  12. Spit race

    M: nothing

  13. Transport belt

    M: nothing

  14. Kangaroo jump

    M: nothing

  15. Seal Racing

    M: nothing

  16. Rollover the Group

    M: nothing

  17. Push the Ball or Egg

    M: (tennis)-ball

  18. Newspaper or crate relay

    M: paper or bear crates or wooden boards

  19. The Blanket Race

    M: blanket

  20. Sponge relay

    M: water buckets, sponges, meter stick

  21. Balloon handicap

    M: balloons

  22. Two Man Balloon Run

    M: balloons

  23. Inner Tube Relay

    M: tired inner tube

  24. Clothespin Relay or Fashionably Styled Hair

    M: 500-1000 clothes pegs

  25. Potato duck race

    M: per each team 2 (short) sticks 1 potato

  26. Passing the beaker

    M: 1 water beaker per team, water, bucket

  27. Stilt relay

    M: stilts

  28. Dry ski race

    M: Skis (or simple long wooden boards) with several foot holdings (screwed on belts).

  29. Wash bowl relay

    M: big bowls

  30. Hockey-Ball

    M: hockey sticks, tennis ball

  31. Filled and Refilled

    M: bottle, water beaker, water

  32. Egg and spoon race

    M: spoons, eggs or table tennis balls

  33. Ball relay race

    M: ball, basket or bowl

  34. Pulling blankets

    M: blankets

  35. Blanket race

    M: blankets

  36. Caterpillar 1

    M: blankets

  37. Caterpillar 2

    M: blanket

  38. Beer mat and clothes peg relay

    M: clothespins or coasters

  39. Chair Race

    M: chair

  40. Toilet Paper Snake

    M: toilet paper

  41. Earth transport

    M: spoon measuring beaker

  42. Operation Baywatch

    M: rope

  43. Chin-Ball-Race

    M: tennis ball

  44. Newspaper Boy

    M: newspapers

  45. Vaseline race

    M: cotton wool ball per team and Vaseline

  46. Relay Race: Pass the Baton

    M: baton

  47. Relay Race: Difficult Transport

    M: tray, 2 poles

  48. Pass on a bucket

    M: buckets, sticks

  49. Water in the straw

    M: water bowl, bottles, straws

  50. Newspaper Press

    M: paper or balloons

  51. Bobby-Car-Race

    M: bobby cars

  52. Island post

    M: blankets or boxes, various objects

  53. Skateboard race

    M: skateboard, stop watch

  54. Fill the Pool

    M: plastic pool, sponges or bowls, water

  55. Balloon Relay with Hand Towels

    M: balloons, blankets

  56. Balloon seat

    M: balloons, chairs

  57. Newspaper Tarp

    M: newspaper, tape, balloons

  58. Rope Pull Relay

    M: rope, air mattress

  59. Pressing the stamp

    M: 3-4 stamp pads, 3-4 letter stamps (made from foam or potatoes).

  60. Diving Relay

    M: diving suit or jogging suit (jacket and pants), a diving mask, a snorkel and swim fins

  61. Beer table relay

    M: Beer tables (or long wide boards)

  62. Toothpick rally

    M: toothpicks, candies or marshmallows

  63. Pick ‘em Up

    M: clothespins, coasters or other objects

  64. Spoon balloon transport

    M: balloons, forks

  65. Wellington boot race with handicaps

    M: Wellington boots, water, pool or buckets

  66. Wheelbarrow relay

    M: apples, water bowls

  67. Waiter Race

    M: tray, beakers, buckets, water

  68. Frisbee barrow

    M: Frisbee, bench, beaker, water

  69. Dive the beaker in and empty it

    M: bowl, bucket, beaker

  70. Ice Cube Race

    M: ice cubes

  71. Obelix race

    M: Obelix costumes incl. Grind stones and a bench as a handicap.

  72. The (scooping) Ladle

    M: Ladle, 2 buckets, water

  73. Water relay with towels

    M: Towels, water, buckets

  74. Water Bomb-Egg Run

    M: Water bombs, spoon

  75. Clothes pegs

    M: Coasters, pegs

  76. Bottle transport

    M: Bottles, coasters

  77. Fork Transport

    M: Forks, Coaster

  78. Toothpick forklift

    M: Toothpick, pen or matchbox

  79. Tennis Ball Transport

    M: Spoon, Tennis Ball

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