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Dodge ball

Time: approx. 30 min or longer
Recommended age: from 8
Size of group: from 12 persons or more, divided into 2 teams
Time for preparation: none
Material: ball, marked field

Game description

The playing field is split into two halves. Each team stands in their own half. 2 (3) border guards are chosen who position themselves on the outside of the opponent's field. The referee's throw - ball is thrown up on the centre line - the ball is given to the team where the ball lands. The aim is to shoot all of the opponent's off with the ball. Anyone hit by the ball who cannot catch it is shot. Anyone who is shot joins the border guards and also try to shoot the opponents off. If all of the players in a field are shot then the first border guards come into the field. Picking up the ball outside of the playing field is not allowed. The ball belongs to the team where the ball is at any time.


It can be agreed that the ball must be played to the border guards 3 times before a hit - this makes the game more difficult. It becomes easier if it is agreed that every player who has been shot can come back into the field once he has shot a member of the opposing team from outside the playing field. However this means that the game can take somewhat longer.


The winning team is the first team to hit all of the opposing field player including any border guards new in the game.

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Dodge ball - a ball throwing and catching game for teams - for 12-30 players.

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