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Balloon Trip

Time: approx. 10-15 minutes, or longer if discussion is needed
Recommended age: from 14
Size of group: it doesn't matter (minimum 5 persons)
Time for preparation: none
Material: nothing

Game description

A few players find themselves in a balloon that begins to sink. Everything that could be thrown overboard has been thrown overboard. Now it must be decided which player will jump overboard. This games purpose is discussion and the art of discussion. Who is more important and how and against whom will the majority vote. As soon as a majority is reached, the chosen player must jump out. Then the next round begins. At the end of the game, everyone discusses what happened. How did the individual players behave, and how did they argue for and against each other?
Special Tip: Group relationships and the role of the individuals in the group can be clearly noted. Care should be taken that no one is insulted or hurt by any comments that could be made.


No scoring but an evaluation and feedback round would be important.

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