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Chocolate Eating

Time: 15-20 min.
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: 10 persons max.
Time for preparation: approx. 5 minutes
Material: chocolate, wrapping paper, string, knife and fork, gloves, hat, pants, jacket

Game description

For this game you will need a piece of chocolate wrapped in layers of chocolate and tied up. Dice are thrown. If a 6 is thrown, the player puts on gloves and then is allowed to eat a piece of wrapped chocolate. The next player to get a 6, puts on the gloves and then a hat. Only then may the chocolate may be eaten. With the next 6’s, pants, jacket, etc. are added. An old, well known game for the game evening, but always fun. In the time it takes for the player to put on the clothing and unwrap the chocolate, the next player has thrown a 6.


no scoring - just have fun

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