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The tightrope acrobat

Time: approx. 5-10 minutes
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: 2 performers
Time for preparation: none, only 10-15 minutes to train the sketch
Material: rope, pole, chairs, costumes, a ladder

Game description

The tightrope acrobat and four or five assistants. Apart from this, you will need two three meter long smooth poles which are not too thin, a ladder, a thick rope (possibly a washing line) and an umbrella.

The tightrope acrobat appears well wrapped up (swimming trunks as the bottom layer, then gym clothes, then pullover, trousers and jacket. The final layer is a coat).He takes his bows to the audience and walks towards the rope. The rope is stretched between the two long poles and attached at a height of approx. 2-3 meters. The poles are held by the assistants. An assistant places a ladder in front of one of the poles. The acrobat slowly climbs up the ladder. He tries out the rope with his foot, shakes his head and climbs down the ladder again. The assistants attach the rope half a meter lower. The acrobat takes off his coat in the meantime. The scene repeats itself again and again: Up the ladder, try out the rope, down the ladder, rope is placed 50cm lower, acrobat takes off his jacket etc. etc. until he stands there in his swimming trunks. Once he has got to this point, the rope will be lying on the floor. He puts up his umbrella and walks proudly across the rope — carefully and with stalking steps like a stork — applause!
The whole scene can be accompanied with some musical instruments. A fanfare can be played which each attempt.


no scoring

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