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National League

Time: 60 min. or longer
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: it doesn't matter
Time for preparation: depends on the events
Material: Depending on the sport

Game description

The National League can be played in different variations. Depending on the ingenuity you can implement many possibilities. For example, in summer, it could be a swimming competition, but also, Horseshoe throwing and 100m run could be part of it. Divide the kids into two teams, and continue like in the real National League. The winner of each team and discipline plays against the winner of the other team. The losers of the competitions compete against each other as well to determine the respective place. Swimming competitions can be completed in different styles while running could occur on different track lengths and with the Horseshoe throwing you could increase the distance to make it a bit more challenging.


Depending on the task: speed, distance, number of results

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Like in the National League several disciplines are carried out, each against the others.

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