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My favourite worm

Time: approx. 5 min.
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: 2 persons
Time for preparation: none (only hold the material) + 5-10 minutes to train the sketch
Material: liquorice (worm)

Game description

This sketch takes place between a teacher and pupils or a group and group leader during a day out. In a whining voice, a child says: „I am tired. I want a break.“ The leader says: „That is not possible at them moment. We have a long journey in front of us.“ The child: „No, I am tired. I’ll tell my mummy, that we didn’t stop even though I couldn’t carry on.“ „Ok, we’ll take a 2 minute break.“ The whole group stops. The child: I want to sit down here“ „But that is dirty and wet. It’s better to stay standing and recover yourself.“ Despite this, the child sits down: „Come and sit down next to me!“ „No, it is dirty.“ „I’ll tell my mummy!“ „No, I’ll get messy!“ „I’ll tell my daddy!“ „Ok, then I’ll sit down!“ the child sees a worm. „Oh, look, a worm. Pick it up for me“ „No, pick it up yourself.“ „I’ll tell my mummy“ „No“ „I’ll tell my daddy“ „No” „I’ll tell the headmaster/camp director“ „OK, here is your worm!“ and gives the worm to the child. The child: „Rip it into two bits“ „Do I look mad?” “I’ll tell the headmaster/camp director” “No problems. I am not crazy“ „I’ll scream…!” The child starts screaming and everyone turns around. „Ok, here is your worm in two halves!“ The child says: „Eat one half!“. „That is awful. I’ll never eat it!” The child starts to scream again, but much louder than before. „Ok, I’ll eat half of the worm! … Why won’t you quit screaming?” the child screams more and says in a crying voice: „You ate my half“, and screams even louder.


just for fun, or the fun wins

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