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Water in the straw

Time: 10 min.
Recommended age: from 8
Size of group: each team min. 5 persons
Time for preparation: low
Material: water bowl, bottles, straws

Game description

The first player must run to a water source (tub) in this relay game. Water is sucked out of the tub with a tube (drinking straw). Then player then returns to the team while trying not to lose the water. The water is then filled into a measuring beaker or bottle. Then the next player sets off. The longer the straw the more interesting the game is and the better it works. Straws can always be snapped so you should therefore have enough spares.


This game also works as a station game. The kids try to transport as much water as possible from the source to the beaker within 3 minutes.


The winning team is the first team to fill their measuring beaker/bottle or the team who transported the most water in the given time.

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Water is transported with the help of a long pipe.

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