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Beating Eggs in a New Way

Time: approx. 5-15 minutes
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: 2 persons fights against, or everybody against all
Time for preparation: 3-4 minutes
Material: raw eggs, newspapers, old nylon knee stockings and blindfolds

Game description

For this game you need raw eggs, a newspaper to use as a stick, old nylon knee stockings and blindfolds. 2 people make a team. The smaller player is blindfolded and sits on the shoulders of his team-mate. He holds the rolled-up newspaper in his hand. A raw egg is placed on either the head or forehead of the other player. He put the nylon stocking on his head to hold the egg in place. Each team tries to break the egg of the opposing team without getting their own egg broken. The loser is of course the team whose egg breaks.


no scoring

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