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The rock hard rugby game on the knees or backside.

Time: approx. 30 min or longer
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: from 10 persons or more
Time for preparation: low
Material: marked field, ball, 2 goals

Game description

In this game the aim is for each team to get the ball into the opposing goal. In doing this, opposing players can be thrown out of the field, the opponent’s ball can be stolen and your own ball defended – as long as everything happens inside the playing field and on the knees. That is very important but also very hard (over time). The best way to play is on a sand surface on the beach. A sand well would then be suitable as a goal.


Instead of playing this game on the knees it can also be played sitting down (on pieces of carpet if necessary). This version is therefore more suitable for indoors.


The winning team is the team with the most goals or the ones who manage to push all of the opponent's out of the field.

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The game is played on the knees. The opponent can be pushed out of the field. The team's own ball must be brought into the opponent's goal.

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