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The broken finger

Time: approx. 5 min.
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: 2 persons
Time for preparation: none, only 10-15 minutes to train the sketch
Material: nothing

Game description

A child comes up to a friend and says: „You have taken part in a first aid course before! I need your help“. „Yes, what is the problem then?“ The child says: “Well, when I press my finger on my head it hurts. If I press my ear with my finger like this, it hurts and if a press my stomach it really hurts! What can be wrong?“ The friend feels his head, looks in his ears, looks in his mouth, listens to his heart, but he cannot find anything. „Hmm, I can’t find anything. Maybe it’s better if you go to the doctor!“ „Ok, I will do.“ the child goes away and comes back again. „So what did the doctor find out?“ The child says: „I’ve got a broken finger!“


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