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Play is something which must be learned
- The planning of games too -

It does not matter which game is employed, it must be thought through and planned. This is the only way to success.

  1. Golden rule: Playing must be fun – no one should be forced to play

  2. Rule: The games must be suited to the target group
    Who am I planning the game for? (Age of the kids, size of the group, experience level of the group, composition of the group with strengths and weaknesses)

  3. Rule: The game must be playable in the location available
    Where do I want to play? (Location, availability of rooms and sources of danger)

  4. Rule: The games must be playable in the time available and must be technically possible.
    How long will the game take and in which order will the game be played? (Make a list with the amount of time required.)

  5. Rule: You must have the correct material available at the beginning of the game.
    Which materials and how much is required? (Check the materials in the games list and tick them when you have them)

  6. Rule: Simple, clear and comprehensible game rules.
    Which game rules/modifications are required so that the target group understand the game and can play?

  7. Rule: The secret to success is simplicity
    It is better to end a game when it is at its best than to play a game to death.

  8. Rule: Prepare a reserve or alternative game
    Expect the unexpected (rain, kids can’t be bothered, time available wasn’t estimated correctly) and enter the reserve games in the games list.

  9. Rule: Only play games which you would be prepared to play yourself.
    There are games which are not suitable for one or two people, especially practical joke games or some “fight games”. If you are not able to fill in for someone or if you would not voluntarily play the game yourself, leave it out. Do not expect anything of the kids which you are not prepared to do (play) yourself.

These are the most frequent mistakes

  1. The game materials have not been purchased and poor preparation
  2. No variety, no new games in your repertoire.
  3. No reserve games have been prepared

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