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Under fire - a difficult life saving action

Time: approx. 30 min or longer
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: from 15 persons or more
Time for preparation: low
Material: marked field, balls, blanket or mat

Game description

The playing field is made up of 2 fields each with an emergency room (blanket or marked out circle) at the end of the field. The teams try to shoot each other down with balls from their own half. Anyone who is hit sits on the ground and cannot carry on. However two members of the team can pick them up and carry them/drag them to hospital. The problem is that the ambulance men can also be shot at while doing this and cannot carry on playing. The game is better played in a hall than on the grass.


You can agree on whether only one ball or several balls are used.


The winning team is the team which manages to shoot off the complete opposing team.

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