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Extreme musical chairs.

Time: approx. 15 min.
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: 20 persons min.
Time for preparation: low, prepare the cards
Material: cards, music player

Game description

Half of the cards are made with a stool drawn on them, the other half of the cards have a stickman on them. All of the cards are folded and mixed up. The number of players must be a odd number. Every player receives a card which he is not allowed to look at yet. As long as the music plays the players must move about and swap cards. When the music stops they all look at the card. The players with a stool must throw their card down and make a stool. The players with a stickman must find a "stool". The player without a stool is out of the game. This player's card is swapped for one of the stool cards still in the game. This means that two players are out in the next round. In these rounds only one "stickman" card is swapped for a "stool" card.


The winner is the person left at the end.

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