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Baseball or Frisbee baseball

Time: in any order
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: from 10 persons or more
Time for preparation: none, only time to mark the field
Material: ball or Frisbee, marked field (cones), baseball bat

Game description

Two teams are put together. One team stands inside a playing area. The corners of the playing area are the bases. The first runner from the other team hits the ball with a bat (or long board) into the field and tries to reach the next base before the other team catches the ball and sink a basket. Then the next player must bat. Each runner tries to get to the next base without being burned out. If the runner manages a "home run" the team is awarded with 3 extra points. The runners who do not manage to get to the next base are burned out.


A little bit like hot potatoes but the difference is that a Frisbee is thrown. The thrower runs to the next base in the hope that the team of catchers do not catch the Frisbee quickly enough and throw it into the basket. If the thrower manages a “home run” his team receives 3 extra points. The runners, who do not make it to the base before the Frisbee, are “burnt”.


The points a team manages to collect in 10 minutes are counted up. Then the roles are swapped over. The winning team is the team with the most points once all rounds are over.

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It doesn't matter whether the game is played like burning ball or baseball, with a baseball bat or with a Frisbee - the game which is similar to burning ball is great fun.

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