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Camera - action

Time: approx. 5 min.
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: for 5 performers or more
Time for preparation: low, 5-10 minutes to train the sketch
Material: camera, chair, spotlights

Game description

A film scene is performed. On stage are the director, cameraman and a few actors of course, who must perform a certain action scene. The director is annoyed because the scene keeps having to be repeated as it never works like he imagines. The director tells everyone to take their place while the cameraman tries to tell the director something. Cameraman: „Excuse me…!“ „Not now. The scene is being retaken. Annnd – AAAction!“ The scene is performed just like the director wanted. However he did not like the way one or the other actors performed and screams: „Cut! It’s not working people. I need more emotion and drama please!“ The cameraman tries to interrupt again: “Excuse me, but…!” „Man, are you annoying. Can’t you see that we are in the middle of our work. So, everyone to the positions – aaaand – AAAction!“ However the scene has to be repeated again and the cameraman tries to say something again. Eventually the scene is in the bag and the director is more than relieved, „Phew, that took a while but I think we now have the perfect scene. Let us have a look!“ All of them stand around the cameraman to see him play back the scene. However the cameraman shrugs his shoulders and says: „I’m sorry but I did try to tell you that there is no film in the camera!“


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