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Field Combat

Time: 15 min.
Recommended age: from 10-12
Size of group: from 15 persons or more
Time for preparation: none, only time to mark the field
Material: marked playing field

Game description

3-4 playing fields measuring 3x3 meters are marked next to each other with sawdust. The entire group stands in the first field. They try to push each other into the next fields. Whoever is in the first field at the end of the round is the winner. The player in the 2nd field is second. Whoever is thrown out of a field or steps over the line must go to the next lower field. This game is pretty rough and is not good for all group members. Additional rules may be agreed upon. It is interesting to observe how some of the participants behave – at first joining forces but then they are pitted against each other.


You can also make teams.


One winner remains in each field.

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Each group member try to push each other into the next fields.

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