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The clairvoyant

Time: approx. 5 min.
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: 2-3 persons
Time for preparation: none, only 10-15 minutes to train the sketch
Material: nothing (or a crystal ball)

Game description

The great clairvoyant introduces himself to the audience. „I am the great clairvoyant…….and can look into the future. Some clairvoyants look to the stars or use a glass ball, but I am better than that, I look at the soles of a person’s shoes.“ He asks for a volunteer to come forward. The volunteer takes his shoes off and gives them to the clairvoyant. „Oh yes, I can see that you will have a long and happy life!“ Another 1-2 candidates are requested to come forward. The clairvoyant says to the final volunteer: „Oh yes, I can see that you will take a long journey very soon.“ Instead of giving the shoes back, the clairvoyant throws the shoes away as high and as far as possible.


just for fun, or the fun wins

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