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Time: approx. 10-30 minutes
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: each team 4-10 persons
Time for preparation: between 0 to 5 minutes
Material: Frisbee, 2 goals (buckets, bowls, tables)

Game description

Lots of games can be played with a frisbee.
normal frisbee:. A team is made of 6-8 players. Whoever has posession of the frisbee may not run but must pass it to a member of the team. A table or a box serves as a goal.
Frisbee rugby: the frisbee may only be played backwards. A point can be won if the frisbee is brought into a touchdown area or is thrown over a post into a target zone ( only in this case is a forwards throw allowed). You can also agree that a frisbee can only be held for 3-4 seconds and then must be thrown.
Cross-frisbee:A frisbee is played over a course like golf. 6 buckets are placed on a course which the frisbee must be thrown into. How many times must the player throw the frisbee to manage all 6 buckets?
Frisbee betting: Who can let the frisbee fly the furthest? Which team can pass the frisbee most often without dropping it?


A ball can also be used instead of a Frisbee.


Depending on the task, the goals can be counted or the number of throws required are counted up.

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Lots of games can be played with a Frisbee

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