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Common and different

Time: approx. 10-15 min., depends on group-size
Recommended age: all ages, from 6, if necessary adapt the rules
Size of group: 10 persons or more
Time for preparation: none
Material: None

Game description

Initially, the group members are distributed loosely around the room in search of a partner. Once one is found, the two players must find both one similarity and one difference in each other. Then they go together in pairs around the room. Now they have to find another pair, each with one similarity and one difference. Next, this group of fours walks around trying to find another group to share their similarities and differences. The object is, to come together as one group finding one similarity and one difference.


Instead of the similarities and differences between the group members you can also try things they like and they do not like.


There is no winner. Getting to know each other is in the foreground.

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