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Time: approx. 30 min.
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: minimum 10-12 persons
Time for preparation: none
Material: Circle of chairs

Game description

This game is particularly funny with larger groups, even if the kids know each other already. All chairs are put into rows, and each player takes a permanent seat. A team of 2x2 children has to leave the room. While those kids are waiting outside, each child (inside) gets a number. It is enough to just count from 1 to how many kids there are. Then they change seats. It is paramount that each child sits on a different chair than before. Now the team of 2x2 children comes back in and play against each other. They start off with a number combination. For example, 2 and 13. The kids with the respective numbers change seats. Whenever a team manages to get another child back to his original position, the team receives a point. The game is over when all kids are back to their original seats.


The team with the most points wins.

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