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Supermarket game

Time: approx. 15 minutes
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: perfect for groups between 16-20 persons
Time for preparation: 3-4 minutes or longer
Material: various objects

Game description

The group (approx. 20 players) is split into teams of 4. Each team is a supermarket with a specific name which the team must think up themselves at the beginning of the game. The teams then make up a square, one team in each corner. In the middle is the wholesaler who sells his products to the four supermarkets. You should make sure that the four teams are at least 10m away from the wholesaler and all four are the same distance away. Each of the 4 supermarkets has a special offer this week. Any materials which are available such as bottles, ropes, balls, towels can be used. It is important that each supermarket has a different special offer. The game can now start. The first aim is to collect all special offer items (approx 5 items) and bring them to your own supermarket. The problem is: only one player can to go the wholesaler and can only bring one item at a time. It is also possible to collect special offers from the opposing teams. They must try to get their items back from the „thief team“. (How to get the items back should be agreed in the game rules). This idea was sent by Lisa A.


The way to the supermarket can have obstacles or tasks. The players must hop or crawl to the supermarket, for example.


The winning team is the first team to have all special offers (it is not important if they have special offers from other groups or not).

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