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Candle Out

Time: 3 min.
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: 1 volunteer per team
Time for preparation: low
Material: candles, matches, corks with a string, chairs

Game description

A player stands on a tool (watch out, it might fall!). There is a burning candle on the floor. A long string with a cork tied to it is stuck in the waistband. The cork should now be hanging approx. 40-50cm above the candle. On the signal the player hocks down and tries to put the candle out with the cork. The game can be over in a few seconds or it might take 1-2 minutes. The game can be hard on the knees.


Instead of standing on a stool the players stand up. The corks are hung above the knee, therefore around 40-50 over the candle flame.


The player who puts his candle out with the cork first wins

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The player must stand on a chair and put out the flame of the candle on the floor using the cork.

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