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The lion and the tamers

Time: approx. 5-10 minutes
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: 4 performers
Time for preparation: none, only 10-15 minutes to train the sketch
Material: nothing (or costumes)

Game description

A circus director and 3 lion tamers, who are sitting amongst the audience at first. A "lion", who is behind a curtain, "roars". (Apart from the lion’s roar and the shouts of the tamers, the game is silent.)

1. Scene:The director appears in front of the curtain and holds up a sign with the words „lion tamers required“!
A player volunteers themselves. The director removes the sign triumphantly and represents the lion tamer to the audience. The new lion tamer takes a bow and goes behind the curtain. The lion roars and the lion tamer cries out a few times. A shoe, a jacket, pullover and socks fly over the curtain and into the audience.

2. Scene: The director appears once again with a hanging head and puts the sign out on display again. Then the scene described in scene 1 is repeated.

3. Scene: In the first stage, everything is repeated like in scenes 1 and 2. The third lion tamer – a small lad – goes behind the curtain. A loud lion’s roar suddenly sounds. Then the lion’s tail flies over the curtain (you can make the tail from a thick wool, the tassel can be made from grass or linseed).

4. Scene: The director appears and hangs out a sign: "I am looking for new lions!"


no scoring

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