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Time: 10 min.
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: from 8
Time for preparation: none
Material: Ball

Game description

In this game, all children must throw the ball crisscross back and forth. In the middle of the circle is one child who needs to catch the ball. However, the others have to act in a way to make it as hard as possible for the child in the middle to catch the ball. Yet, if he succeeds catching the ball, roles are swapped. The child who threw the ball last has to come to the middle now while the other kids go back in line with the other kids. If there are more kids playing you could use two or even three balls. It will definitely boost the fun. However, if you are timing the kids and the one in the middle does not catch the ball in said time, it has to leave the game, and a new round begins.


Keep the game going until there is only one participant left. He shall be the Ball King.

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The child in the middle has to catch the ball, the bystanders throw back and forth.

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