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Over 30 years involved in voluntary youth work, more than a thousand group sessions and over 800 days of youth camps with full programs, action and experiences. In addition to the more complicated games which need more time spent on preparation, we will also need short, simple, and most importantly, games which can be thrown together at the drop of a hat. These games should be given priority on the web site. Almost 250 games are available which do not require you to buy any materials. There are around 400-500 games with just a few utensils (e.g. balloons, clothes pegs, matches, tennis balls or a ball) which easily fit into a games box.

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Group Games for Youth Groups

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::::Group Games for Youth Groups::::
The games for the children’s birthday party, game row, relay games for a children’s fete or for group sessions are achievable without too much effort. Quick - simple - uncomplicated.

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The games for the children’s birthday party, game row, relay games 
for a children’s fete or for group sessions are achievable without too much effort. 
Quick - simple - uncomplicated..</p>
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