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Mustard Indian

Time: approx. 5 min.
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: 2 persons
Time for preparation: none (only hold the material) + 5-10 minutes to train the sketch
Material: nothing (or a pot with mustard)

Game description

This sketch goes something like this: 2 Indians (the chief and the medicine man) are invited to a feast. The medicine man gives the chief a tip to always eat the things which the white men eat the least of. That must be something quite special. The chief notices that the white men only eat very little of the substance is a specific pot (mustard). The medicine man takes a big spoonful. His eyes start watering and the chief asks: "Why is medicine man crying?" the medicine man replies: "I just thought about my father who drowned in the river last winter!" The chief takes two large spoonfuls of the secret pot – swallows and starts to cry. "Why is the chief crying?", asks the medicine man “Because you didn’t drown together with your father!"


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