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Time: approx. 5-10 minutes
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: 2 persons are playing against
Time for preparation: 4-5 minutes or longer
Material: nothing

Game description

We look for a nice dirty puddle, a muddy piece of grass or we water a patch of earth or a field. Now the games can begin. None of the fighters are allowed to leave the playing area. The target is to lie the opposition down on his back.
Alternative 1: Tie up with a 3m long rope
Alternative 2: Pull the feather off the headband
Alternative 3: Pull a handkerchief out of the trousers
Alternative 4: A wide band or a handkerchief is tied around the neck (no rope). In the press-up position, the opponent must be pulled over a line.

Note: This game should be played in swimming trunks and there must be the possibility to wash off the mud afterwards.


The strongest wins.

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A duel in a nice dirty puddle.

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