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It is not always easy to find a suitable game. However with the help of the categories, a short description and the allocated symbols, everyone can hopefully find a suitable game.

An overview of all of the 1000 games

All of the games available in overview including details about the materials required (M :). By clicking on the link you will receive a detailed description.

potato games

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  1. Eyes Memory

    M: Dominoes

  2. The Domino Labyrinth

    M: Dominoes

  3. Domino Jenga

    M: Dominoes

  4. Sensing the pips on dominoes

    M: Dominoes, small dark bag

  5. Domino Parcour

    M: Dominoes, electric car

  6. Domino Target Throwing

    M: Dominoes, tape of similar things to mark the floor

  7. Domino Day Home Edition

    M: Dominoes

  8. Dominos to the start

    M: Dominoes

  9. Summing up quickly

    M: Dominoes

  10. Building a city with dominoes

    M: Dominoes

  11. Bringing the dominoes to fall

    M: Dominoes

  12. Tower ala Domino Games

    M: dominoes

  13. Track over track

    M: Dominoes

  14. The perfect picture

    M: Dominoes

  15. Dominos Search

    M: Dominoes

  16. Estimating certain lengths

    M: Dominoes

  17. Relay Domino

    M: Dominoes

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Games with Buttons

  1. Time to flick

    M: Buttons

  2. Flicking, with a difference

    M: Buttons, table, boxes, pots

  3. Sorting out the buttons blindfolded.

    M: Different size buttons and buttonholes

  4. Threading game

    M: Buttons, thread and needle

  5. Colour and hole?

    M: Plenty of different buttons

  6. Shell game with buttons

    M: Buttons, 3 cups

  7. Button instead of head

    M: Buttons

  8. Buttons on the wall

    M: Buttons

  9. Buttons on the move

    M: Buttons, toothpicks

  10. Button ‘n’ roll

    M: Buttons

  11. Sewing against the time

    M: Buttons, needle and thread, fabric

  12. Blow me away

    M: Buttons

  13. Stacking buttons

    M: Buttons, ruler

  14. Buttons up into the air

    M: Buttons

  15. Guessing with your ears

    M: Buttons, dark jar

  16. Just guess

    M: Buttons, jar

  17. Crafting animals from buttons

    M: Buttons, strings, pipe cleaners, creativity, imagination

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Games with Bottle caps

  1. Protecting the environment with a difference

    M: None

  2. Cork to the wall

    M: Cork, ruler

  3. Cork boats

    M: Corks, pool, bath tub or large plastic container

  4. Cork chain

    M: Cork, thread, string, nail, hammer

  5. Shooting bottle caps

    M: Corks, markers, chalk, ruler, rope

  6. Bottle Caps tower

    M: Bottle caps, tape measure

  7. Corks and cherries

    M: Cherries, bottle caps, corks

  8. Counting Corks

    M: Corks

  9. Fishing bottle caps

    M: Magnet, fishing rod, water containers, bottle caps

  10. Panel building

    M: Bottle caps, hammer

  11. Exchanging corks

    M: Many different corks and bottle caps.

  12. Bottle cap rattle

    M: Strings, chains, bottle caps, nail, hammer

  13. Bottle cap memory

    M: Bottle caps, colourful dots

  14. Target throwing

    M: Bottle caps, shoes, small paper balls, sheets of paper and pen

  15. Bottle caps kicker.

    M: Bottle cap kicker

  16. Turning bottle caps

    M: Bottle caps, tray

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Games with Dustbin-Bags

  1. All under one water roof

    M: Garbage bags, plastic bags, towels, buckets

  2. Garbage bag snake

    M: Plastic bags, scissors, string

  3. Sack race

    M: Plastic bag, garbage bag

  4. Displacing water from water tub

    M: Water trough, plastic bag, measuring cup

  5. Water bag transport

    M: Plastic bags or any other bags, water, measuring cup

  6. Garbage bags pipeline

    M: Garbage bags, water

  7. Plastic ribbon fight

    M: Plastic bags, scissors

  8. Creating top shelf designer clothes from garbage bags

    M: Garbage bags, scissors, if necessary, tape or string

  9. Sack race

    M: Garbage bags, tape

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Games with Nails

  1. Nail board

    M: Nails, hammer, board

  2. Nailing into logs

    M: Nails, wood, hammer

  3. Bending the nails game

    M: Nails, washing line or rope

  4. Yarn image with nails

    M: Colourful threads, yarn, wooden board, nails, hammer

  5. Marble trail made of nails

    M: Nails, hammer, marble, wooden board

  6. Nail by nail will make a chain.

    M: Nails, possibly pliers to bend

  7. Stacking nails

    M: Bottle, Nails

  8. Set of nails

    M: Nails, tape

  9. Hanging up nails

    M: Ropes, 10 bent nails, hook bar

  10. Cardboard tubes with a difference

    M: Cardboard tube, nails, rice or maize, paper, glue

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Games with Shoes

  1. Smell my shoes

    M: Shoes, socks

  2. Tying shoe laces

    M: Shoelaces or strings

  3. Target throwing with shoes

    M: Shoes, target, markers, rings

  4. Shoe Memory

    M: Shoes

  5. Tying your shoes differently

    M: Shoes with shoelaces

  6. Who’s got the biggest shoes!

    M: Shoes

  7. Who has seen my shoe?

    M: Shoes

  8. Who owns the pawn

    M: Blanket big enough to cover all shoes

  9. Tie my shoes

    M: Shoes with laces

  10. Rifle shooting with a difference

    M: Cans, shoes

  11. Shoe hockey stick

    M: Shoes, Softball

  12. Chair makeover

    M: Chairs, shoes, blindfolds

  13. Shoe Golf

    M: Shoes, possibly golf clubs

  14. Hiding Shoes

    M: Shoes

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Games with Dices

  1. 3 or 2?

    M: Toothpicks

  2. The cups game.

    M: Cups, dice, tokens

  3. The big dice chaos

    M: Dice

  4. Damp dice tower

    M: Dices

  5. Pyramids Bingo

    M: Dice, paper, pens

  6. Maths King wanted

    M: Dice

  7. Surprise Cup

    M: Cups, dice, candy, matches

  8. Dicing

    M: Dice

  9. Dicing for religious education

    M: Cubes, pens, paper

  10. Dice gambling

    M: Dice

  11. Dicing game - 53 loses

    M: 6 dices

  12. The darn 1

    M: Dice

  13. Folding rule for patience

    M: Dice, cup, ruler, tape

  14. Dicing – a game with tasks

    M: Notepad, pen, dice

  15. The mountain pass road

    M: Dice, paper, pen

  16. Fox hunting

    M: Dice, paper, pen

  17. Dicing house numbers

    M: Dice, paper, pen

  18. 17 and 4

    M: Dice, paper, pen

  19. Finding the dice

    M: Dice, paper, pen

  20. 30 dead

    M: Dice, paper, pen

  21. Mäxle

    M: Dice, paper, pen, dice cup

  22. Spiral of disgust

    M: Various edible cubes of food

  23. The burned 15

    M: Dices, pens, paper

  24. Polar bears, holes and fish

    M: Dice

  25. Lice game

    M: Dice, paper, pens

  26. Cube race

    M: Several dices

  27. Kazoo

    M: Dice, dice cups

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Games with Measuring-Tapes

  1. Balancing folding rulers

    M: At least 4 folding rulers

  2. Coin – folding rulers – egg run

    M: Ruler, meter stick, coin

  3. Obstacle course

    M: Toy car, folding rulers

  4. Folding ruler coordination game

    M: Folding ruler

  5. Laser pointer

    M: Meter stick, laser pointer

  6. Pictionary 1 (laying out figures)

    M: Folding rulers

  7. Pictionary 2 (painting figures)

    M: Folding ruler, pencil, tape, paper

  8. Giant tweezers

    M: Folding rulers, paper

  9. Estimating

    M: Folding ruler, a list objects, pen and paper

  10. Transporting objects

    M: Folding rulers, objects (corks, paper, handkerchiefs, etc.)

  11. Top of the tower

    M: Folding rulers

  12. Shooting folding rulers

    M: Meter stick, tape measure

  13. Measuring the chaos …..

    M: Tape measure, folding ruler, paper and pen

  14. Building figures

    M: Folding rulers

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Games with Marbles

  1. Marbles on double-sided tape

    M: Table, marbles, double-sided tape

  2. Bowling with marbles

    M: Play figures, marbles

  3. Marbles in the hole

    M: Marbles

  4. The ring game

    M: Marbles

  5. Marble Boule

    M: Marbles

  6. Marble flicking.

    M: Marbles (small and 1 large one respectively)

  7. Peeving

    M: Marbles

  8. Rebound

    M: Marbles

  9. Dropping marbles

    M: Marbles

  10. Marble Pyramid

    M: Marbles

  11. Tossing marbles out of a circle

    M: Marbles, marking pen

  12. Goal shooting

    M: Marbles, wooden board with different size openings, wooden building blocks

  13. Cutting board marble race

    M: Cutting board, marbles

  14. Marble Golf

    M: Marbles

  15. Marble pit

    M: Marbles

  16. Eliminating marbles

    M: Marbles, chalk

  17. Kicking Marbles

    M: Marbles, tape measure

  18. Marbles in the cup

    M: Marbles, cup

  19. Target throwing with chestnuts

    M: Egg carton, chestnut, scissors, paint and brushes

  20. Peeving with marbles

    M: Marbles, tape measure

  21. Through the tunnel

    M: Marbles, toilet paper roll, tape

  22. Out of the circle

    M: Marbles

  23. Down the hole

    M: Marbles, ruler with hole

  24. Marbles in the mug

    M: Marbles, cup

  25. Up and close

    M: Marbles, larger marble or ball

  26. Marble Race

    M: Marbles, spoon

  27. Flicking game

    M: Marbles, cup

  28. Marbles Fishing

    M: Marbles, bowl of water

  29. Huga Huga Hotz

    M: Marbles

  30. Bang-bang

    M: Marbles, marking the playfield

  31. Almost there

    M: Marbles, material to mark the playing field

  32. Sticky finishing line

    M: Marbles, double-sided tape

  33. Marble-poker

    M: Marbles

  34. Marble track

    M: Marbles, wood strips, possibly string or thread

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Games with Spoons

  1. Collecting candy

    M: Candies, spoon

  2. The spoon battle

    M: Potato, spoon, candle, matches

  3. Egg and spoon race

    M: Spoon, tennis balls or eggs

  4. Grappling hook

    M: Spoons, string

  5. Catapult

    M: Spoon, small objects

  6. Snuffing out the candle

    M: Candle, spoon, string

  7. Spoon on or off the nose

    M: Spoons

  8. Balancing a spoon

    M: Spoon, obstacles

  9. Grabbing the spoon

    M: Spoon, coin

  10. Spoon in bottle

    M: Spoon, string, bottle

  11. Grabbing the spoon

    M: Spoon, story telling

  12. Sorting out spoons

    M: Various spoons, blindfolds

  13. Bending spoons

    M: Spoons

  14. Shovel-spoon

    M: Spoons, buckets or measuring cup

  15. Snuffing out candles with a spoon

    M: Spoon, tea lights

  16. Flour dredging

    M: Spoon flour

  17. Feeding the beast

    M: Spoons, blindfolds, yoghurt and other foods

  18. Scooping out the soup

    M: Soup bowl, soup, spoon

  19. Connectedness

    M: Spoons, rope

  20. Filling up the water bottle

    M: Spoon, transporting water

  21. Spoon to Jerusalem

    M: Spoons, chairs

  22. Spoon Hunting

    M: Spoons, chairs

  23. Spoon Story

    M: Spoon, pen and paper

  24. Spoons – over and under

    M: Spoons and long ropes

  25. Carving a spoon

    M: Spoon, carving tools, sandpaper

  26. Moon Spoon guessing game

    M: Spoon

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Games with Toilet-Paper

  1. Toilet paper mummy

    M: Toilet paper

  2. Toilet paper rolls

    M: Toilet paper

  3. Toilet Paper Bowling

    M: Cones, rolls of toilet paper

  4. Toilet paper threading game

    M: Toilet paper, rod

  5. Twin Towers

    M: Rolls of toilet paper, boards

  6. The big toilet paper unfurling

    M: Toilet paper rolls, measuring tape

  7. Who can unfurl the toilet paper the quickest?

    M: Toilet paper rolls

  8. Rolling up toilet paper

    M: Toilet paper rolls

  9. Building a tower with a broomstick

    M: Toilet paper rolls, broomstick

  10. Building a tower with the help of tennis balls and a rod of toilet paper rolls

    M: Toilet paper rolls, tennis balls

  11. Toilet paper rolling up relay race

    M: Toilet paper rolls, rope

  12. Toilet paper cable railway

    M: Toilet paper rolls, very long rope

  13. Everyone is equally fast

    M: Toilet roll, rod

  14. Toilet paper throwing

    M: Toilet paper rolls

  15. Toilet paper coronation

    M: Toilet paper rolls

  16. The toilet paper tower

    M: Toilet paper rolls

  17. Target throwing with toilet paper

    M: Toilet paper rolls

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Games with bouncing-ball or table-tennis-ball

  1. Measure tape-conveyor belt

    M: Measuring tape, tennis ball, glass

  2. Blowing a table tennis ball off a bottle neck.

    M: TT-Ball, 16 glasses, bottle

  3. Rebound

    M: Tennis ball, cup

  4. Bouncing ball

    M: Bouncing ball

  5. Bouncing ball basket

    M: Bouncing balls, basket

  6. Bouncing table tennis balls

    M: Table tennis balls, basket

  7. Ball transport on a cling wrap

    M: Table tennis ball, cling wrap

  8. Transporting a table tennis ball with a hairdryer

    M: Table tennis balls, hairdryer

  9. Back and forth in an egg cup

    M: Eggcup, table tennis ball

  10. Through your trousers

    M: Table tennis ball

  11. Letting it bounce

    M: Tennis ball, bowl

  12. Square

    M: Tennis ball, bowl

  13. Bottle top

    M: Tennis ball, rubber, paper staples, bottle

  14. Pushing it with a balloon

    M: Balloon, table tennis ball

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Games with Plastic-Cups

  1. Toppling over the pyramid

    M: Paper, rubber bands, paper cups

  2. Pyramid of cans

    M: Many cans

  3. Confidence trickster

    M: Cups

  4. Rolling the cans

    M: Cans, ropes, material for handlebars

  5. Blowing of paper cups

    M: Paper cups, balloons

  6. Can race

    M: Cans, ropes

  7. Passing on a cup with your mouth

    M: Plastic cups, water

  8. A chain of cups

    M: Plastic cups, water, measuring cup

  9. Cup transport

    M: Plastic cups, water, tennis rack

  10. Waiter

    M: Plastic cups, water, tray

  11. X amount cups in one go

    M: 10 plastic cups, water, board or trays

  12. Cup staple shooting

    M: Plastic cups, rubber, paper staples

  13. Target water

    M: Plastic cups, water, water, syringes or water guns

  14. Pyramid of cups

    M: Plastic/paper cups

  15. A pyramid put on its head

    M: Plastic cups, beer coasters

  16. Cup Tower

    M: Plastic cups

  17. Column Tower

    M: Plastic cups, books, boxes and coasters

  18. Flicking

    M: Cups, coins, buttons

  19. Letting it bounce

    M: Table tennis balls, plastic cups

  20. Spoon catapult

    M: Spoons, coins, plastic cups

  21. Chestnut or Peas Rally

    M: Plastic cups, chestnuts or the like

  22. Plastic cup air turbo

    M: Plastic cups, table

  23. The leaky cup run

    M: Plastic cups with holes, water, measuring cup

  24. Water pyramid

    M: Plastic cups, water

  25. Catching

    M: Plastic cups, small objects to throw

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    Games with Wool

    1. Shooting down tins with a ball of wool

      M: Cans and tins, ball of wool

    2. Making shapes with wool threads

      M: Wool

    3. Prayer balls and Story Ball

      M: Ball of wool

    4. Rolling up wool

      M: Pencil, candy, wool

    5. Sorting wool ribbons

      M: Wool, scissors, blindfolds.

    6. Rolling up wool

      M: Wool, wool balls, candy

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    Games with Feets

    1. The fewest feet win.

      M: None

    2. Hopping with one leg

      M: None

    3. Human fitness machine

      M: None

    4. Crawler race

      M: None

    5. Foot to foot race

      M: None

    6. Foot war

      M: Chairs

    7. Burning toes

      M: Candles, matches

    8. The child in the bag

      M: Bags, sacks, depending on the number of kids playing

    9. Three legs and a hurdle course

      M: Rope or ribbon

    10. Recognise my foot

      M: Blindfolds

    11. Do you recognise my foot?

      M: Paper, pencils and finger paint

    12. Painting with your feet

      M: Paper, pens, brushes, markers, paint

    13. Feed me with your toes!

      M: Spoons, pudding

    14. Kicker wanted

      M: Football

    15. Cork on the journey

      M: Corks

    16. Bon appetite

      M: Sweets

    17. Give me that mat

      M: Mat

    18. Roll with me

      M: Barrel, gymnastic ball

    19. Do not step on my foot, just touch my toe!

      M: Coin, spoon

    20. Throwing with a difference

      M: Coaster or Frisbee

    21. Who is the strongest?

      M: Rope

    22. Bursting the balloons.

      M: Plenty of balloons

    23. Sorting bottles with the feet

      M: Plastic bottles, crate

    24. Feet into the sack

      M: Different objects, a blindfold, black bag

    25. Feel with your feet ...

      M: Blindfolds, objects

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    Games with Sponges

    1. Sponge battle

      M: Water buckets, sponges, water-soluble paint

    2. Field defence

      M: Water, many sponges, buckets

    3. Cleaning Frenzy

      M: Sponge, water, clay

    4. Catching the sponge

      M: Sponges, water

    5. Sponge crash

      M: Sponges, water

    6. Sponge Chain

      M: Sponges, water, buckets

    7. Sponge stacking

      M: Sponges, water

    8. Well padded

      M: Many sponges (> 50) or foam pieces

    9. Cockfight

      M: Many sponges (> 50) or foam pieces

    10. Foam roll

      M: Many sponges (> 50) or foam pieces

    11. Wet touches

      M: Water, measuring cup, sponges

    12. Hitting the sack

      M: 2 bags, sponges or foam pieces

    13. Hidden and immured

      M: Many foam pieces or sponges in a room or pool.

    14. Touching with a sponge

      M: Sponges

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    Games with Brooms

    1. Balancing a broom

      M: Broom, stopwatch

    2. Balancing relay

      M: Broom

    3. Broom Javelin

      M: Broom, measuring tape

    4. Target throwing with a broom

      M: Broom, bicycle tube

    5. Target rings for broom shooting

      M: Broom, target marks

    6. Witches’ broom

      M: 1 or alternatively as many brooms as there are kids

    7. Broom hopping

      M: Sturdy broom

    8. Broom stilts

      M: Sturdy brooms

    9. Water transport

      M: Broom, 2 water bucket, water, bucket

    10. Sweeping

      M: Sand, broom, dustpan, bucket or tub.

    11. Transport Stretcher

      M: 2 sturdy brooms

    12. Hockey

      M: 1 broom for every player.

    13. Broom Slalom

      M: Broom, small ball, slalom cones or hurdles

    14. Broom croquet

      M: Brooms, metal sheets, small tennis ball

    15. Water Slide

      M: Board or picnic table, cling wrap or tarp, gutter or trough, water hose, measuring cup

    16. Transport staff

      M: 2 brooms, several objects

    17. Stiff as a poker

      M: 2 brooms, sticks in similar length

    18. Race

      M: A broom for each team, hurdles

    19. Socket fight

      M: 2 broom, 2 pedestals (stable chairs, beer crates)

    20. Everything revolves around the broom

      M: Broom

    21. Broom-chocolate bar eating contest

      M: Broom, rope, chocolate bars

    22. Catching the broomstick

      M: Broomstick

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    Games with Ladders

    1. Snake crawling

      M: suitable ladder with rungs

    2. Snake climbing

      M: Suitable ladder with rungs, to attach strong ropes

    3. Dangling ladder climbing

      M: Ladder with suitable rungs to fix strong ropes

    4. The slanted ladder

      M: Ladder with suitable rungs, to fix strong ropes

    5. The walking ladder

      M: Ladder with suitable rungs, to keep 4 strong ropes

    6. Ladder Stilts Race

      M: 2 ladders with about 2m height

    7. Wagon

      M: Long ladder with 6-10 rungs

    8. Balancing a ladder

      M: Lightweight aluminium ladder

    9. The Stretcher

      M: Ladders

    10. In the footsteps of the pioneers

      M: Several ladders, many ropes

    11. A balancing act

      M: Several A-frame ladders, several sturdy floorboards

    12. The seesaw

      M: Ladder, wooden block or brick as a support

    13. Ladder pushing

      M: Ladder

    14. Up the ladder

      M: Ladder (attach safety ropes are optional)

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    Games with Blankets

    1. Blanket scooting

      M: Blankets

    2. Portable Hammock

      M: Blankets

    3. What do I feel?

      M: Objects, blanket

    4. Who's under the covers?

      M: Blanket

    5. Football on a blanket

      M: Ball, blanket, tube

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    Games with a Parachute

    1. Changing your position at the blanket

      M: Blanket

    2. The tent

      M: Blanket

    3. Wrapping up

      M: Blanket

    4. Polar Bear game

      M: Blanket or tarp

    5. The Carousel

      M: Large and sturdy tarpaulin

    6. Popcorn

      M: Ball, balls

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    Games with Bicycle-Tires

    1. How many people fit into the inner tube of a bicycle?

      M: Bicycle tube

    2. Bicycle Tube Race

      M: Bicycle tube

    3. Relay race with obstacles

      M: Bicycle tube

    4. All through the tube

      M: Bicycle tube

    5. Tube throwing

      M: Bicycle tube, etc. cone, crates

    6. Tire Piggyback:

      M: Bicycle tube, etc. cone, crates

    7. Bicycle Tube Rugby

      M: Bicycle tube

    8. Bicycle Obstacle Tree

      M: Bicycle, ropes for securing

    9. Water transport

      M: Bicycle tube, water, measuring cup

    10. Pipeline

      M: Bicycle tube, water, measuring cup

    11. Turning the tires

      M: Bicycle tube/tire, 3-5 meters high bar, floor anchorage (umbrella stand)

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    Games with Gumboots

    1. Throwing far

      M: Rubber boots

    2. Throwing the boot with your foot

      M: Rubber boots

    3. Kicking it far

      M: Rubber boots

    4. Cross-golf

      M: Rubber boots

    5. Seven Miles Gum Boot Race

      M: Rubber boots

    6. Lederhosen Gumboot Season

      M: Gumboots, Lederhosen

    7. Skills-Boots-Target-Throwing

      M: Gumboots, markers for the circle, maybe a rope.

    8. Gumboot water transports squadron

      M: Rubber boots, water tub, creek

    9. Water Fight

      M: Gumboots, water tub

    10. Filling up the boots

      M: Gumboots, water, water guns, syringes

    11. Rubber boots Rugby

      M: rubber boots

    12. Rubber Boots Trial

      M: Rubber boots

    13. Rubber boots guessing

      M: Rubber boots

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    Games with Rubber-Bands

    1. Paper staple shooting with a rubber band

      M: Rubber band, paper staples

    2. Rubber band weight

      M: Rubber weights

    3. Stretching the rubber band

      M: Rubber band, ruler

    4. Rubber ball on a cord

      M: Rubber ball with cord, tins

    5. Rubber band over the mouth down to the neck

      M: Rubber band

    6. Rubber band catapult

      M: Bike rack straps

    7. Water carrier

      M: Bike rack straps, 2 buckets, water, a sturdy rod

    8. Rubber Band Twist

      M: Common pants rubber band

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    Hockey-Stick Games

    1. Target shooting

      M: Hockey stick, ball or Puck

    2. Rebound Hockey

      M: Hockey stick, ball or Puck

    3. Shooting high

      M: Hockey stick, ball or Puck

    4. Baseball Hockey

      M: Hockey stick, ball or Puck

    5. Tin shooting

      M: Hockey stick, ball or Puck, cans

    6. Ninepins

      M: Hockey stick, ball or Puck, cones

    7. Slalom

      M: Hockey stick, ball or Puck, obstacles

    8. Stop Ball

      M: Hockey stick, ball or puck

    9. Relay Hockey

      M: Hockey stick, ball or puck, obstacles

    10. Ball free

      M: Hockey stick, ball or puck

    11. Balancing

      M: Hockey stick

    12. Hockey sticks snake

      M: Hockey stick

    13. Hockey Match

      M: Hockey stick, ball or puck

    14. Match for two

      M: Hockey stick, ball or puck

    15. Hockey tournament

      M: Hockey stick, ball or puck

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    Toilet-Brush Games

    1. Toilet brush hockey

      M: Toilet brushes, ball

    2. Slalom

      M: Toilet brushes, ball, hurdles

    3. Toilet brush throwing

      M: Toilet brushes, measuring tape

    4. Toilet Brush Hammer-Throw

      M: Toilet brushes, measuring tape

    5. Toilet brush – bottle knock over

      M: Toilet brushes, plastic bottles

    6. Toilet brushes chocolate licking

      M: Toilet brush, toilet brush holder, chocolate sauce (or pudding)

    7. Who is the smartest?

      M: toilet brushes

    8. Toilet brush into its holder

      M: Toilet brush, toilet brush holder, small rope or ribbon

    9. Mud attack

      M: Toilet brushes, mud

    10. Toilet brush fight

      M: Toilet brush, black, washable (food) colour

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    Games with Bowls

    1. Bowl Skating

      M: 30-40cm plastic bowls

    2. Catching bowls

      M: 30-40cm plastic bowls, tennis balls

    3. Bowl crawling

      M: 30-40cm plastic bowls

    4. Bowl Race

      M: 30-40cm plastic bowls

    5. Bowl Tray

      M: 30-40cm plastic bowls, water

    6. Balancing the bowl on your head

      M: Plastic bowls, water

    7. Balancing a tower of bowls

      M: Plastic bowls, wooden board

    8. Target throwing

      M: Plastic bowls, small objects to throw

    9. Throwing the bowl

      M: Plastic bowls, tennis ball

    10. Bowl to stake throwing

      M: Plastic bowls, wooden stakes or peg tent pegs

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    Soap Games

    1. Soap fishing

      M: Pieces of soap, 2 bowls, water

    2. Squeezing the soap

      M: Soap, water, measuring tape

    3. Soap Bowling

      M: Soap, plastic cups

    4. Soap Curling

      M: Soap, tarp, waterproof paint

    5. Soap consumption

      M: Soap

    6. Fighting games using a bar of soap

      M: Soap

    7. Soap Relay

      M: Soap, bucket and water

    8. Cling wrap track.

      M: Cling wrap, soap, water

    9. Slithering slide

      M: Soap, sturdy plastic strip

    10. Down the soap trail

      M: Cling wrap, soap

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    Hay-Bale Games

    1. Stuffing a bag with straw

      M: Straw, plastic bag

    2. Reloading straw

      M: Straw, waggon if needed

    3. Needle in a haystack

      M: Straw, small objects, sweets

    4. Stacking straw bales

      M: Straw bales

    5. Straw bale race

      M: Straw bales

    6. Rolling pyramids

      M: Straw bales, round logs

    7. Rolling round bales of straw.

      M: Large round bales of straw, large paved surface

    8. Balancing on a roll of straw

      M: Large round bales of straw

    9. Creative Straw Game

      M: Straw, clothes, wood, string

    10. Straw battle

      M: Straw

    11. Carrying straw with a hay fork.

      M: Straw, hay fork

    12. Throwing straw with a hay fork

      M: Hay fork

    13. Straw bale throwing

      M: Straw bales

    14. Straw Ball Carrier

      M: Straw, Straw fork

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    Games with Chairs

    1. Chair lifting

      M: Chair

    2. Obstacle course over chairs

      M: Chairs

    3. The chair-way

      M: Chairs, stopwatch

    4. Throne

      M: Chairs

    5. Please stand still

      M: Chair

    6. Balancing the chair

      M: Chair

    7. Impostor

      M: Chairs

    8. Hopping with the chair

      M: Chair

    9. Chair rally

      M: 2 chairs

    10. Water relay race

      M: Chair, cups, water

    11. Chair Baseball

      M: Chair, ball

    12. Sneaking up

      M: Chair, keychain or something similar

    13. Recapping chairs

      M: Chair, shoes

    14. Circle games with chairs

      M: Chairs for the circle

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    Games with Tables

    1. Teeing off blindly

      M: Table, blindfolds, towels

    2. Raabomberless

      M: Table, little figurines

    3. Below and Above

      M: Table

    4. Flicking it across the table

      M: Table, tokens, crates or similar

    5. Using a table as a stretcher

      M: Table, objects, cups

    6. Getting the scarf

      M: Table, scarf

    7. The Chase

      M: Table

    8. The big push

      M: Table

    9. Lifting the table

      M: Table

    10. Hurdling over tables

      M: Tables

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    Games with Tennis-balls

    1. Who can throw the farthest?

      M: Tennis ball, measuring tape

    2. Boule

      M: Tennis ball, marking pens

    3. Tennis Ball Transport

      M: Tennis balls

    4. Pyramid Run

      M: Tennis balls

    5. Stuffed

      M: Tennis balls

    6. Running in pairs

      M: Tennis balls

    7. Running with a handicap

      M: Tennis balls

    8. Cling wrap trek

      M: Tennis ball, cling wrap

    9. Throwing and catching

      M: Tennis balls, plastic bowls

    10. The catapult

      M: Tennis ball, towel

    11. Tennis ball trail

      M: Tennis ball, etc. sand

    12. Shooting down Cans

      M: Tennis ball, cans and tins

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    1. Bouncing ball

      M: Tennis ball, tennis racket

    2. Water transport

      M: Tennis rackets, water cup

    3. Ball transport

      M: Tennis ball, tennis racket

    4. Sandwich

      M: Tennis ball, tennis racket

    5. Back and forth

      M: Table tennis ball, 2 rackets

    6. Racket juggling

      M: Tennis racket

    7. Throwing up into the air and catching again

      M: Tennis racket

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    1. Ball trail

      M: Carpet rolls, balls

    2. Sand into a cup

      M: Cups or plastic containers, carpet rolls, sand

    3. Balancing

      M: Carpet roll

    4. Stacking it up

      M: Carpet rolls

    5. Pipeline:

      M: Carpet rolls, balls, marbles, small objects

    6. Rolling up a cord

      M: Carpet rolls, rope

    7. Transport roll

      M: Carpet rolls, hay bale, box, etc.

    8. Throwing carpet rolls

      M: Carpet rolls, tape measure

    9. Telephone tube

      M: Carpet rolls

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    1. Grabbing cloth spins

      M: Clothespins

    2. Hanging up the washing

      M: Cloth spins, washing line

    3. Passing on objects

      M: Clothespins, small objects

    4. Removing cloth spins

      M: Cloth pins

    5. Finding the cloth spins blindfolded

      M: Cloth spins, blindfolds

    6. Sneaking up

      M: Cloth pins, chair, blindfold

    7. Limbo

      M: Clothespins, washing line

    8. Catapult

      M: Cloth pins, bowl

    9. Shooting down the cloth pins

      M: Clothespin, rubber band, paper staples

    10. Cloth pins Bridge

      M: Cloth pins

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    1. Frisbee relay race

      M: Frisbee

    2. Target throwing

      M: Frisbee

    3. A Frisbee goes around

      M: Frisbee

    4. Frisbee-Golf

      M: Frisbee, baskets

    5. Frisbee Baseball

      M: Frisbee, Base markings

    6. Catching the Frisbee

      M: Frisbee

    7. Frisbee Rugby

      M: Frisbee

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    Pencil Games

    1. Stacking

      M: Pencils and bottles


      M: Pencils

    3. Passing it on

      M: Pencils

    4. Pencil on the nose

      M: Pencil

    5. Bar hopping

      M: Pencils, bowl

    6. Somersault

      M: Pencils, bowl, table

    7. Sharpening the pencil

      M: Pencils, sharpener

    8. Pencil in bottle

      M: Pencils, string, bottle, safety pin

    9. Pencil Arrow

      M: Pencils, rubber bands, balloons,

    10. Pencil Arrows

      M: Pencils, rubber, balloons, string

    11. Columns Art

      M: Pencils

    12. Pagoda Tower

      M: Pencils, mugs, water

    13. Line drawing

      M: Pencils, paper

    14. Inserting a pencil

      M: Pencils, bottle, chair

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    Scarf Games

    1. Leading the blind

      M: Scarves, if necessary obstacles

    2. Rider’s battle

      M: Scarves

    3. Neckerchief Knot Throwing

      M: Scarves, tape measure

    4. Tying it up

      M: Scarves

    5. Dragon's Tail Hunting

      M: Scarves

    6. Fight with kerchief on your ankle

      M: Scarves

    7. Scarf slingshot

      M: Scarves, chestnuts or other small objects

    8. Resting on a scarf

      M: Scarf

    9. Folding the scarf

      M: Scarves

    10. Scarf Transport

      M: Scarves, an item to transport.

    11. Picking up the scarf

      M: Scarf, table

    12. Wring it out

      M: Scarves, water containers, water

    13. Catapult

      M: Scarves, tennis ball, measuring tape

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    Stand up paddling Games

    1. Circumnavigate buoys

      M: SUP boards, surfboards or air mattresses, buoys

    2. Lying down on your board and race

      M: SUP boards, surfboards or air mattresses

    3. Slalom Race

      M: SUP boards, surfboards or air mattresses, buoys

    4. Passenger transport

      M: SUP boards, surfboards or air mattresses

    5. Fishermen's Jousting

      M: SUP boards, surfboards or air mattresses, padded lances (swimming noodles)

    6. SUP jump rope jumping

      M: SUP boards, surfboards or air mattresses, jump rope

    7. SUP- obstacle course

      M: SUP boards, surf boards or floats, buoys, water containers, rods, ropes, etc.

    8. SUP Pontoon

      M: SUP boards, surfboards or air mattresses, ropes or cable ties

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    Jump rope games

    1. Group rope jumping

      M: 6 metres long rope

    2. Swapping place

      M: 6 metres long rope

    3. Jumping through

      M: 6 metres long rope

    4. Classical rope jumping

      M: Skipping rope

    5. Jumping together

      M: Skipping rope

    6. Double jump

      M: Skipping rope

    7. Circle jumping

      M: Skipping rope. Rope

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    Carpet tile games

    1. Sit football

      M: Carpet tiles, balloons, foam ball

    2. Carpet tiles Frisbee

      M: Carpet tiles

    3. Carpet tiles target throwing

      M: Carpet tiles, ceiling, or trough

    4. Sliding on your butt

      M: Carpet tiles

    5. Knee tile slides

      M: Carpet tiles

    6. Hands-feet-tile caterpillar

      M: Carpet tiles

    7. Tiles sleigh

      M: Carpet tiles

    8. Tiles skating

      M: Carpet tiles

    9. 3-Tile-Run

      M: Carpet tiles

    10. 2 Tile running

      M: Carpet tiles

    11. Tile clamping

      M: Carpet tiles

    12. Tile hopping

      M: Carpet tiles

    13. Tile transport

      M: Carpet tiles

    14. Tiles towing

      M: Carpet tiles, string

    15. Tiles Carousel

      M: Carpet tiles

    16. Hurling Tiles

      M: Carpet tiles

    17. Rescuing Island

      M: Carpet tiles

    18. Wheelbarrow race

      M: Carpet tiles

    19. Tiles split

      M: Carpet tiles

    20. Journey to Jerusalem

      M: Carpet tiles

    21. Tiles drive

      M: Carpet tiles

    22. Tile system

      M: Carpet tiles, table tennis ball

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    1. Transport Stretcher

      M: Snowboard (s)

    2. Avalanche Snow Shovel

      M: Snowboard (s)

    3. Snow transport

      M: Snowboard (s)

    4. Soccer training in the snow

      M: Snowboard (s)

    5. Snow Pub Waiter

      M: Snowboard (s)

    6. Downhill

      M: Snowboard (s)

    7. T-bar Lift

      M: Snowboard (s)

    8. Jumping Ramps

      M: Snowboard (s)

    9. Board-Biathlon

      M: Snowboard (s)

    10. Snow-Blindness

      M: Snowboard (s)

    11. Snow Baseball

      M: Snowboard (s)

    12. Snow Ball Game

      M: Snowboard (s)

    13. Snowball bowling

      M: Snowboard (s)

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    Games in the snow

    1. Obstacle Course

      M: Snowboard (s),

    2. Snow Fight

      M: Snow

    3. Balloon Games in the snow

      M: Balloons

    4. Sledge racing and off-road travel

      M: Sledge, obstacles

    5. Sledge Relay Race

      M: Sledge

    6. Sledge Ride Relay Race

      M: Sledge

    7. Hitting the Sack - Snow Fight

      M: Sledge, potato sack with blankets

    8. Torchlight descent with sledge or skiers

      M: Sledge, torches

    9. Building an Igloo or snow castle followed snowball fight

      M: Shovel for the snow

    10. Who can build the most beautiful snowman?

      M: Snow

    11. Snowball track

      M: Snow

    12. Catching the Ostrich

      M: Hat

    13. Catch in the snow maze

      M: Snow

    14. Tyre tube - Wheelbarrow race

      M: Tyre tube (sledge?)

    15. Tyre tube - Stagecoach Race

      M: Tire tube (sledge?)

    16. Snowboard race

      M: Snowboards

    17. 3-Skiing

      M: Skiing with Loops

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    Olympic Games

    1. Long Throw

      M: Ball, measuring tape

    2. Race or relay race

      M: Baton or something similar, stopwatch

    3. Long jump

      M: Tape measure

    4. Javelin

      M: Speer, tape measure

    5. Archery

      M: Bow and arrow, Target (cardboard or something similar)

    6. Shot Put

      M: Steel ball, etc. stone, measuring tape

    7. Discus Throw

      M: Discus, measuring tape

    8. Wrestling

      M: None

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