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Partner body positions

Time: approx. 15 minutes
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: perfect for groups from 16 persons
Time for preparation: none
Material: music player

Game description

All the players chose a partner. The group is divided into two groups of pairs. Each group forms a circle, one inside the other. As the music is playing, each circle walks in a different direction. When the music stops, the leader will announce two body positions. Example: “lift right leg and hold it with the left hand”. Everyone assumes this position and tries to find his partner. Pairs will be eliminated who do not assume the correct position. In the next round, the music will be played shorter than the round before and new body positions will be named. The requirements for play can be made more difficult and more humorous to watch with similar positions as:
Place big toe in mouth
Place tongue in armpit
Place foot behind head
Fold legs up over abdomen
Walk on all fours with abdomen facing up


no scoring

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