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Water Bomb-Egg Run

Time: 10 min.
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: it doesn't matter
Time for preparation: prepare the water balloon
Material: Water bombs, spoon

Game description

Entertaining and fun is the water bomb-eggs run. As a positive “side effect” it promotes their sense of balance. First, two teams are created of which each player gets a spoon. On this spoon water bombs are placed. Note: They will bust quickly if they fall down. Therefore, make sure you have enough spare water bombs at hand. Both teams run the same distance – to the finishing line on the other side. As soon as one child has arrived there, the next guy from his team starts to run. All the way, the water bomb has to stay on the spoon. If it falls down, he has to pick it up and continues to run. However, if the water bomb bursts, it will count as a foul. He then has to go back to the starting line, receive a new water bomb and start all over again.


To make the entire run a little more exciting, you can build a variety of obstacle on the tracks with over- or underpasses along with the spoon and the water bomb.


The team, whose players have all changed sides first, is the winner of the competition.

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Transport water bombs on a spoon.

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