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The inexpensive meal

Time: approx. 3-5 minutes
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: 2 performers
Time for preparation: none
Material: nothing

Game description

This is an old German saying: Those who dig a hole for other, fall in it themselves. — However the waiter in a restaurant in a certain small town was already in it. A well dressed guest came to him. Curt and stubborn, he asks for a good chicken soup for his money. He also asks for a piece of steak and some vegetables for his hard earned cash. The waiter asks if he might also like a glass of wine? "Oh certainly, yes!" exclaims the guest, "if I can get something good for my money." After he had enjoyed his meal, he pulls a polished sixpence from his pocket and says: "Mr waiter, sir. Here is my money." The waiter says: "What is that supposed to mean? Don't you owe me a dime?" The guest exclaims: "I did not ask you for a dime's worth of food, but enough for my money. Here is my money. I don't have any more.

You have given me too much for my money, so it's your own fault." — This naivety was not far wrong. A little bit of cheekiness was required and an easy-going attitude about how the situation would turn out. However the best is still to come. "You are a rotten rogue", says the waiter, "and you deserve something else. But I will give you the meal and here are 24 biscuits to go with it. Now keep quiet about what you have done and go to my neighbour, the publican, and do the same thing to him!" He said that because his neighbour, the publican, lived in such a discontented state through his jealously and enjoyed swearing and bringing others down. However the clever guest grabs the offered money smilingly and carefully makes his way to the door while wishing the waiter a pleasant evening and said: "I have already been to your neighbour, the publican, and he just sent me to you and to no one else." Therefore both of them went behind each other's backs and the third party enjoyed the benefits of it. However the artful customer should have earned the thanks of both because they both learned from the experience and made up with each other. Peace nourishes but discontent devours.


no scoring

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