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It is not always easy to find a suitable game. However with the help of the categories, a short description and the allocated symbols, everyone can hopefully find a suitable game. In addition, you can also the complete database and search for games using specific search criteria. At the moment there are approximately 1000 games in the database.

An overview of all of the 1000 games

All of the games available in overview including details about the materials required (M :). By clicking on the link you will receive a detailed description.

potato games

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Station Games

  1. Sitting on the wall

    M: nothing

  2. Head support

    M: nothing

  3. Hold a weight horizontally

    M: weights (boxes, stones)

  4. Leader taxi (wheelbarrow transport)

    M: wheel barrow, stop watch, cones

  5. Monkey bars

    M: Ladder, fixings or rope

  6. Button Sewing

    M: 10-20 buttons, needles, yarn, scissors, cloth

  7. Darts station

    M: Darts and replacements. Dartboard or cardboard.

  8. Pea Track

    M: washing machine hose, hammer, peas, material to fix the hose

  9. Ball swing game

    M: swing, ball

  10. Spaghetti in Macaroni

    M: spaghetti, macaroni

  11. Make a fire and barbecue

    M: Wood, newspaper, matches and grill sausages.

  12. The Pistol Shot

    M: candles

  13. Pretzels on a string

    M: String, pretzels

  14. Green Pea Game

    M: dried green peas

  15. Catch a tennis ball with a paper basket

    M: bowl, tennis ball

  16. Pile of Kinder Eggs

    M: Enough Kinder Eggs (or plastic eggs) or film pots or enough matchboxes.

  17. Bocce

    M: bocce balls

  18. The Drain Pipe

    M: drainpipe, water buckets, tennis balls

  19. Target shooting

    M: fire cones or stones or cans or buckets

  20. The Helmet Game

    M: helmet with a spike, balloons

  21. Javelin

    M: tyre or a other target, javelin, rope

  22. Fast Typing

    M: typewriter, text, paper

  23. A slippy and slidey event with a piece of soap

    M: 1-2 bowls, soaps

  24. Digging

    M: Children's playground, digger, bucket and small balls.

  25. Sort and Pick Up

    M: various several objects

  26. Swapping the bent nails

    M: String, 10 bent nails

  27. Tyre slalom

    M: 10-20 old tubes

  28. Water Squirt

    M: table tennis ball, water hose or syringe, chute, water

  29. Darning socks and patchwork

    M: Socks, wool, darning needle, scissors

  30. Tarzan on a rope

    M: Rope for singing and a table or crate.

  31. Obstacle course

    M: various objects for an obstacle race (tree trunk, ropes, bench, chairs, bobby car, rope-ladder…), stop watch

  32. A feeling for time and quantity

    M: stop watch, water, water bowl

  33. Slow reactions?

    M: stone, chestnut, matchbox or other objects

  34. The hot wire

    M: Electrical equipment (wire, battery, lamp or door bell).

  35. Remember the Objects

    M: different objects, blanket

  36. Telescope watcher

    M: binocular, various objects

  37. Pot and lid

    M: Containers with different types of lids (pots, plastic or glass bottles, cans, tins and tubes).

  38. The Locksmith

    M: 15-20 different locks

  39. Finding pairs

    M: sack, different objects, each object twice

  40. Nose Driving

    M: match box or a potato

  41. Cherry Pit Spitting

    M: measuring tape, cherries

  42. Tea Bag Toss

    M: tea bags, measuring tape

  43. Beading pearls

    M: 100-200 pearls, string, yard stick

  44. Tree Trunk Throw

    M: tree trunk

  45. Packing the car up

    M: old car or a big cardboard

  46. String Up the Group

    M: long string

  47. Wellington boot shot

    M: large Wellington boots

  48. Competition sawing

    M: Saw, wood or tree trunk

  49. The group jumper

    M: chalk

  50. Beakers and table tennis bats

    M: table tennis racket, bowl, water beaker

  51. Hammering nails

    M: nails, wood, hammer

  52. Wheelbarrow race

    M: wheel barrow, stop watch, cones, stick or lance, water bowls or buckets, water

  53. Water pistol funnel

    M: Water pistol, bucket, funnel and measuring beaker

  54. A needle in a haystack

    M: bale of straw, box or large bowl, many sweets

  55. Towed away

    M: car, tow rope, stop watch, measuring tape

  56. Wheel barrow roll

    M: A old wheel with a metal pole as an axle.

  57. Orienteering run

    M: Instructions written on paper, a compass and a terrain map if required.

  58. Labyrinth

    M: a long tape, 5m long tree trunk

  59. Bicycle course

    M: bicycle, objects for an obstacle race

  60. Rolling the cider barrel

    M: barrel

  61. Water helmet game

    M: helmet with a fixed beaker, water, bowl

  62. Tyre bridge

    M: car tyres, ropes

  63. Rope bridge

    M: Strong ropes (polypropylene ropes) 2-5 hooks, a safety belt if required.

  64. Wheel change

    M: car jack, wheel disk

  65. Picture quiz 1 - the vegetable quiz

    M: Printed stencils.

  66. The Longest Word

    M: 15 letters

  67. Estimating tasks

    M: Alternative 1: an empty jam jar, estimating materials (peas, matches, money etc.). Alternative 2: stones and scales. Alternative3: Water, tub and measuring beaker. Alternative 4: String

  68. Memory picture

    M: Poster, cardboard for covering up and wooden board

  69. Asterix & Obelix knowledge

    M: Stick/copy 10 figures from the Asterix & Obelix comics onto a piece of paper.

  70. Feeling letters

    M: nothing

  71. Gargling a song

    M: water beaker, water, 10 songs

  72. Something’s Smelly

    M: 10 different spices, 10 empty yogurt cups, tin foil

  73. What’s in the Bag?

    M: sack, different objects

  74. The Taste Expert

    M: various kind of colas, sodas in neutral bottles

  75. Scent memory

    M: for each object 2 tins or yogurt pots, objects to smell (earth, turf, bark, pine needles, resin, moss, forest fruits)

  76. Barefoot Park

    M: different things for the barefoot path

  77. Time creeper

    M: nothing (or a stop watch)

  78. The snake splits

    M: nothing or only a measuring tape

  79. Gibberish

    M: table tennis ball

  80. Ball catapult

    M: ball, handkerchief

  81. Push and roll resistance

    M: wheel board or skateboard

  82. Brush roll

    M: Sawn off brush handles and a board.

  83. Blowing up an air bed

    M: air mattress, measuring tape

  84. Water transport

    M: water, beaker, sponge

  85. Crate balance

    M: tree stump or beer crate

  86. Putting up a tent

    M: tent, blindfold

  87. Building a tent

    M: tent

  88. Bubble rally

    M: bubbles

  89. Saw rally

    M: saws, tree trunk

  90. Rolling the barrel

    M: sturdy barrel

  91. Sewing on the Lines

    M: needle and pin, paper

  92. Rolling board

    M: wheel board or skateboard

  93. Lance knight

    M: lance, blindfold, balloon, string

  94. The Right Way

    M: binoculars, chalk or string

  95. Ring Throw Points

    M: balloon, scissors, bottle

  96. Sorting Bottles

    M: (beer) crate, empty bottles

  97. Melting ice cubes

    M: ice cubes, stop watch

  98. Wax dripping

    M: Candles, a lighter, a board with a pattern and a stopwatch.

  99. Paper cable

    M: long string, paper

  100. Capturing the castle

    M: Box, scissors, marbles and cardboard lid beer mat if required.

  101. Transporting Fever

    M: board or a roof lath or a meter ruler, different things (tokens, stones)

  102. Tyre pile

    M: car tires or inner tubes

  103. Personal weight

    M: stable rope pulley, stable rope, strong branch, stop watch, measuring tape

  104. Tower of Babel With Egg Cartons

    M: egg cartons or other cartons

  105. The Swinging Bucket

    M: bucket, rope, little stones or chestnuts

  106. Slow riding

    M: bike

  107. Riding in circles

    M: bike and a marked circle

  108. Standing

    M: bike, board or wooden blank

  109. The tree trunk seesaw

    M: 2 tree trunk, stop watch

  110. Sentence with X

    M: prepared letters

  111. Tree climbing

    M: pins, paper with info (letters)

  112. Lead the Cow

    M: cow, goat or sheep

  113. Paddle Over the Lake

    M: swim vests, canoe

  114. The transport roller train

    M: Roller train and transport materials if required.

  115. Scooter or bike rally

    M: bike or scooter, objects for an obstacle race

  116. Inner tube tunnel - crawling

    M: inner tubes, ropes

  117. Battering ram

    M: Concrete blocks or a box filled with stones, A battering ram (tree trunk), 2 wooden planks, transportation.

  118. Spy

    M: various objects, strings

  119. Flipping coins

    M: Coins, container, plastic chips

  120. Coins into the glass

    M: Glass, coin, coaster

  121. Fish me the key

    M: Fishing rod, stick, hooks, paper clips, keys

  122. Flipper-throwing

    M: Flippers, small bag or sand or other subject

  123. Stacking nuts

    M: Nuts, chopsticks

  124. Drawing Banknotes

    M: 2 glasses, notepad

  125. Three wins

    M: 16 glasses, 16 table tennis balls

  126. Balancing

    M: Peg, play figures, plates, building blocks (wooden or Lego)

  127. Stacking apples – potato tower

    M: Apples, Measuring Tape, pocket knife

  128. Orange Transport (large apples, grapefruits will do as well)

    M: Oranges, basket, material for hurdles if required.

  129. Stacking pens

    M: Many pencils

  130. Dropping pencils in a bottle

    M: Pencils, bottles

  131. Pencil-bar jump Salto

    M: Pencils with erasers

  132. The pencil tower

    M: Felt pens

  133. Learning by heart

    M: Text

  134. Which card is missing

    M: Card game

  135. Jar and lid

    M: Jars with fitting screw on lids

  136. Hansel and Gretel

    M: Jars with various Christmassy scents, story to read

  137. Folding ladder race

    M: Folding ladder(s)

  138. Mesh Fence

    M: Mesh fence, Objects

  139. Casting

    M: Fishing, bait, fishing line,

  140. Amazing building blocks

    M: Building blocks, measuring tape

  141. Puzzle pieces

    M: Puzzle, stopwatch

  142. Cardboard box tower

    M: Many nested cardboard boxes

  143. Paper cup stacking

    M: Paper cups 100x

  144. Skyscraper

    M: Ludo game or Coppit pawns characters

  145. Card race

    M: Card game

  146. Bola throwing

    M: Bola (2 tennis balls connected with a cord), ladder, ropes

  147. Guessing the toaster

    M: Toaster, toast

  148. Squeezing a table tennis ball through a hose

    M: Tennis ball, ball, tube, hose

  149. Toothpick throwing

    M: Toothpick

  150. Golfing

    M: Golf Ball, Golf Club

  151. Tea Bola-spin

    M: Tea bags, strings, stapler

  152. The fastest screwdriver

    M: Screws, screwdriver, electric screwdriver, wooden beams

  153. Shooting down pegs

    M: Toilet paper, clothespins, water gun, string/thread

  154. The last toilet paper

    M: Toilet paper, water pistols

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Outdoor Games

  1. Stamp game

    M: paper

  2. Bigger or better

    M: apple, egg

  3. Everything’s bananas

    M: bananas

  4. Town Spy Game

    M: Signs, tasks

  5. Picture hunt as picture quiz

    M: prepared photos and questions about the pictures

  6. Three sticks

    M: for each team 3 sticks or 1 flag

  7. A smuggling game with puzzle pieces

    M: puzzle of a treasure map on a cardboard

  8. Adventure cards

    M: prepared and copied cards

  9. King battles

    M: nothing

  10. Knocking game

    M: wooden sticks or flash lights or whistles

  11. Hiding

    M: nothing

  12. The snow trail

    M: nothing

  13. Smuggling game

    M: Smuggling goods (flour) and smuggling containers (tins, bags)

  14. Capturing the flag

    M: ball or flag

  15. Thieves dens

    M: nothing (or a flag)

  16. Capturing flags and banners

    M: 20-30 flags

  17. Booty

    M: treasure (apple, sweet etc.), life band per each person

  18. Candles and peas – a night time terrain game

    M: candles, lighters, peas

  19. Castle Battles, Conquering Castles

    M: nothing or only two flags

  20. Capture the Flag

    M: 2 flags

  21. Bison hunt

    M: approx. 200 beer mats

  22. Number hunt

    M: cards with numbers, safety pins

  23. Robbers game

    M: various objects

  24. Police and smugglers

    M: smuggling objects, life strings

  25. Stealing the totem pole

    M: totem or nothing

  26. Bomb commando

    M: alarm clock, flag, treasure

  27. Gold bar transport

    M: Wooden logs or other transportable objects (tons, beakers) and a camp flag for the marking.

  28. Rail track wars

    M: marking tape

  29. Scavenger hunt

    M: Marking material (chalk, sawdust, coloured ribbons, treasure and task sheet).

  30. Indians on the war path

    M: life strings, treasure, pieces of leather, fur, pearls

  31. Adventure game

    M: Finding a hidden object

  32. Crazy Game Rally

    M: Paper, pens

  33. Christmas smuggler

    M: Contraband

  34. Funny city game involving other people

    M: Tasks, Digi Camera

  35. Photo Safari

    M: Digi Camera

  36. Football in the forest

    M: Football

  37. Life ribbons game

    M: Colourful ribbons, flags

  38. Finding the luminescent stones

    M: Starlights or luminous stones

  39. Head Start

    M: Differently coloured pegs

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Theme games and feasts

  1. Walk the plank

    M: 2 tight ropes or a long board (tree trunk)

  2. Diving for treasure

    M: bowl, water, jelly teddy bears

  3. In the bird’s nest

    M: telescope or binocular, various objects

  4. Pumping water

    M: water, buckets, bowls, sponges

  5. Loading the ship

    M: various objects

  6. Pirate ships and cannon fire

    M: water filled balloons, 2 blankets, marked field

  7. Pirates meal

    M: rusks, plate of soup, lemons

  8. Pirate pantomime, pirate Pictionary

    M: nothing (or well prepared pirate catchphrases)

  9. Rope ladder

    M: rope ladder

  10. Bison hunt

    M: lance, cardboards, wheelbarrow

  11. Sense

    M: 16 little stones

  12. Archery

    M: bow, arrows

  13. Silent creeping

    M: various objects (cans with little stones inside)

  14. Nimble as a weasel – agile as a snake (crawling)

    M: various objects for an obstacle race (tree trunk, ropes, bench, …), stop watch

  15. Fetching water

    M: various objects suitable for an obstacle race, water bucket, water

  16. Tomahawk throwing

    M: Tomahawk, cans

  17. Creeping up - silently!

    M: blindfolds

  18. Duel at the totem pole

    M: Foam isolation tubes (for pipes), sawn off brush handles or sticks, dirt or washable (finger) paints.

  19. Shield management

    M: ball, shield

  20. Chariot race

    M: nothing, or a wheel barrow

  21. Risk and jump

    M: little stones, measuring tape

  22. Sword fight

    M: sweeping brush handle padded with some foam (heating pipe insulation), 2 shields

  23. Fight with sticks

    M: sweeping brush handle padded with some foam (heating pipe insulation)

  24. Bow and arrow telegraph

    M: bow and arrow

  25. Knights pantomime or knights pictionary words

    M: nothing (or well prepared knight catchphrases)

  26. Druids

    M: list of ingredients

  27. Lasso throwing

    M: lasso

  28. Chariot race with team change

    M: nothing

  29. Horseshoe throwing

    M: horseshoe, stick

  30. Washing gold

    M: small pebbles, spray-paint (gold or silver)

  31. Recognising knots blindly

    M: blindfold, knots

  32. Light feet

    M: blindfolds

  33. Making paints

    M: oil, leaves, charcoal and earth

  34. Diving for a treasure

    M: Spoon, objects, treasures

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Some Games more

Travel games in the bus or car

  1. I spy...

    M: nothing

  2. Miscellaneous distractions...

    M: nothing

  3. Rowing regatta on the bus

    M: nothing

  4. City – Country – River

    M: paper and pencils

  5. Mau-Mau

    M: cards

  6. Fiddling

    M: cards

  7. Cheating

    M: cards

  8. Battleships

    M: squared paper, pencils

  9. The famous license plate game

    M: None

  10. Guessing people

    M: Paper, pencil, masking tape (or Band-Aid)

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Relaxation games | Games for relaxing

  1. Imagine the Way

    M: nothing

  2. Seasons of the Year

    M: nothing

  3. Changeable Weather

    M: nothing

  4. Be a balloon

    M: nothing

  5. A Flower’s Day

    M: nothing

  6. Strong as a Tree

    M: nothing

  7. Wishes

    M: nothing

  8. Lay your Head on my Lap

    M: nothing

  9. Boat on the Water

    M: nothing

  10. Crawling Blindly in the Room

    M: nothing

  11. Noises

    M: nothing

  12. Pizza massage

    M: None

  13. Improving self-confidence

    M: Notepad, pens, adhesive tape

  14. A relaxing journey

    M: Relaxation Music, CD

  15. Relaxation with a singing bowl

    M: Singing Bowls, Candle

  16. Camera

    M: None

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Experience games

  1. The shortest path

    M: nothing

  2. Blind bearings

    M: blindfolds

  3. Morse

    M: nothing, or a torch per each person

  4. Forest noises

    M: paper, pencils

  5. Forest detective

    M: nothing

  6. Feel your way along the rope

    M: blindfold, rope, objects for the station tasks

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Games for choosing groups

  1. Lions, hunters, mothers-in-law

    M: nothing

  2. In order

    M: nothing

  3. Giants, elves and magicians

    M: nothing

  4. Scissors, paper, stone

    M: nothing

  5. Chair Contest

    M: sturdy chairs

  6. Stuck under the blanket

    M: blankets

  7. Puzzle

    M: picture, scissors

  8. Pulling numbers

    M: cards with numbers

  9. Thread Pull

    M: strings

  10. Elimination game: apples - pears - oranges

    M: prepared cards with apple, orange, pear

  11. Raid

    M: Several types of different objects.

  12. Small group workout

    M: For each object in the bag, there are several more, depending on the size of the group

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Egg games for Easter

  1. Easter theme rowing regatta

    M: list of objects

  2. Easter Pictionary

    M: list of objects

  3. Easter egg nose rally

    M: eggs

  4. Cream countryside

    M: cream spray, 10 chocolate/candy Easter eggs. Bowl

  5. Cracked eggs

    M: eggs

  6. Collecting coloured Easter sweets

    M: various coloured bonbons or eggs

  7. Picking up coloured Easter eggs

    M: various coloured sugar Easter eggs

  8. Easter card puzzle

    M: Easter card, scissors

  9. The egg case

    M: eggs, paper, sticky tape, cord

  10. Wafting eggs

    M: Eggs, egg carton

  11. Balancing eggs

    M: Eggs, salt, sugar, water, playdough

  12. Capture the Flag at Easter (Egg thieves)

    M: Easter eggs

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Quiz games

  1. Letter pantomime

    M: nothing

  2. Don’t Answer Yes

    M: nothing

  3. Thingamajig

    M: list of objects

  4. Lively scrabble

    M: card with letters, clothes pegs

  5. Yes or no?

    M: list of questions and answers, 2 chairs

  6. What, Where and When?

    M: nothing, some questions

  7. Paper tiger

    M: scissors, paper

  8. Town, country, river

    M: paper, pencils

  9. Hangman

    M: paper, pencils

  10. Word salad

    M: cut out 20-30 words from a newspaper.

  11. Celebrity guess-who

    M: piece of paper with the name of a celebrity, safety pin

  12. Matchstick Puzzle and Dice Problems

    M: Matchstick puzzles, matchsticks.

  13. Short Criminal Stories

    M: short crimes

  14. Childhood Picture Sort

    M: pictures of the children

  15. Do you know all about trees?

    M: Suitable quiz questions or pictures.

  16. Body outline

    M: Large pieces of paper. Chalk or pens.

  17. Joke question station

    M: A list with joke questions

  18. Riddle station

    M: A list with riddles

  19. Feeling objects

    M: sack, different objects

  20. Soccer Quiz

    M: some questions, ball

  21. Answer the Questions

    M: for each team the same newspaper

  22. Sound Guessing

    M: recorded sounds with a tape recorder

  23. Clapping to a certain rhythm

    M: Colouring picture, crayons

  24. Assigning colours to certain professions

    M: Paints, paper

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Fun and joke games

  1. Sentence Repeating

    M: nothing

  2. Air Ride

    M: board, blindfold

  3. William Tell

    M: table tennis ball, bottle, water pistol or water nozzle

  4. The Mirror Game

    M: plates, rubs

  5. The Ten Cent Game

    M: bowl, coin

  6. The Tower

    M: chairs

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Miscellaneous games and program ideas

  1. What’s My Job? (through pantomime or movements)

    M: nothing

  2. Building and judging a snowman

    M: snow

  3. Paid attention and listened?

    M: nothing

  4. Homogeneity

    M: nothing but a well prepared theme

  5. Tim likes … Tim does not like …

    M: nothing

  6. Blowing off steam

    M: nothing

  7. Aggression meeting

    M: nothing

  8. Moat table tennis

    M: 2 tables, tennis ball and rackets

  9. Summer Olympics: sprint

    M: stop watch

  10. Throwing and shooting pebbles

    M: pebbles

  11. Soap kicking

    M: piece of soap, measuring tape

  12. The chickens are clucking

    M: pieces of paper in the same quantity as the number of players. On the cards are pairs of animals

  13. Paper plane

    M: paper

  14. The Christmas Rally

    M: nothing (or well prepared list)

  15. Who would you do …..with?

    M: paper, pencils

  16. Cheap billiards

    M: rope, soft balls

  17. Round

    M: table tennis, table tennis ball and rackets

  18. Beach volleyball

    M: volleyball, volleyball net

  19. Summer Olympics: long jump

    M: Sand pit or long jump pit, measuring tape.

  20. Summer Olympics: shot-put

    M: Stone or iron shot puts for putting.

  21. Summer Olympics: distance throwing

    M: ball, measuring tape

  22. Table football tournament

    M: table soccer

  23. Billiard tournament

    M: billiard table

  24. Subuteo tournament

    M: Subuteo football with accessories.

  25. Aqueduct

    M: plastic wrap, table tennis balls

  26. Indoor flip golf

    M: plates, coins

  27. The camp patrol

    M: Prepare the deliberate mistakes if necessary

  28. Table Tennis Ball Cup Tennis

    M: table tennis balls, cups

  29. A Christmas photo hunt

    M: Digital camera or photo handy and a well prepared list

  30. Water slide

    M: stable plastic foil, water hose, water

  31. Santa Claus model

    M: wrapping paper, shaving foam, sack material and red fabric

  32. Mice watch out – or mousetrap

    M: lace, Actimel bottles or similar, bucket, dice

  33. Casino Royal

    M: Roulette, poker cards, dice, casino decoration, gummi bears or sweets, stylish lighting.

  34. Car Race

    M: Race track (Scalectrix or other make), alternative: remote control cars.

  35. Slithering far away

    M: None

  36. Igloo

    M: Snow Shovel

  37. Packing up

    M: Many different items

  38. Chestnut Slalom

    M: Chestnuts

  39. Gym Biathlon

    M: Gymnastics equipment for Obstacle Course

  40. Catching one another in the snow labyrinth

    M: None

  41. Robot

    M: None

  42. Horse Race

    M: None

  43. Overthrowing the King

    M: None

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Games with less Material

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Balloon games

  1. Balloon tap

    M: balloons

  2. Balloon electricity

    M: balloons

  3. When a balloon loses it’s breath

    M: balloons

  4. The balloon symphony orchestra

    M: balloons

  5. Basket (air) balloon

    M: balloons, spoons, basket

  6. Guess what belongs to whom

    M: balloons, paper, pencils

  7. Airmail

    M: balloon, tasks

  8. Water balloon catapult

    M: balloons, large towels

  9. Shot put with a water balloon

    M: balloons, water, measuring tape

  10. Task Run

    M: candles, balloons, straw, water, cup, beaker

  11. Collecting with handicap

    M: balloons, potatoes

  12. All balloons have to fly

    M: Balloons

  13. Balloon Challenge

    M: Balloons

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Games with a skateboard or scooter

  1. Skateboard race

    M: skateboard, rope

  2. Skateboarders push

    M: skateboard

  3. Skateboard on a lead

    M: skateboard, rope

  4. Skateboard bowling

    M: skateboard, plastic bottles

  5. Roll drag

    M: skateboard, ramp, measuring tape

  6. Fast as lightning

    M: skateboard, stop watch

  7. Method of transport

    M: skateboard

  8. Skateboard Obstacle race

    M: skateboards, implements for an obstacle race

  9. Tee off the skateboard

    M: Skateboard

  10. Skater chain

    M: Skateboards

  11. Skateboard Race

    M: Skateboards

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Sweet games

  1. Collecting bonbons

    M: different coloured bonbons

  2. Picking up bonbons

    M: bonbons

  3. A blind chicken

    M: blindfolds, bonbons

  4. Packing up bonbons

    M: bonbons, wrapping paper

  5. Rally: sweets with holes

    M: toothpicks, candy rings (polo mints)

  6. Target throwing

    M: candy rings, nails, wooden board

  7. Rolling

    M: candy rings

  8. The toe bonbon rally

    M: bonbons

  9. The opening toes

    M: bonbons

  10. M&M relay

    M: bonbons, spoon

  11. M&M's catapult

    M: bonbons, spoon

  12. Marshmallow march

    M: toothpick, marshmallows

  13. Marshmallow mouth

    M: marshmallows, measuring tape

  14. Marshmallow spitting competition

    M: marshmallows, measuring tape

  15. Marshmallow blowing competition

    M: marshmallows, measuring tape

  16. Marshmallow kicking competition

    M: marshmallows, measuring tape

  17. Marshmallow throwing competition

    M: marshmallows, measuring tape

  18. Lollypop

    M: lollypops

  19. Sweet masterpieces

    M: various sweets, pack of salt sticks, liquorice sticks or biscuits, chocolate, etc.

  20. Thread-Candy

    M: strings, bonbons

  21. Fish Something Sweet

    M: paper clips, bonbons, fishing pole with a magnet

  22. What A Commotion

    M: yarn, prizes (sweets)

  23. Smarties Sucker

    M: Smarties, tubes, straws

  24. Chocolate cube catching

    M: Chocolate bars

  25. Chubby Bunny

    M: Marshmallows

  26. Biscuit on the forehead

    M: Cookies, biscuits

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Drinking straw games

  1. Obstacle course

    M: light object (cotton wool, table tennis ball, little paper squares), straw

  2. Transporting corn or beans

    M: straw, beans or little paper squares

  3. Water transport

    M: straw, water, measuring beaker

  4. Pipeline

    M: several straws, measuring beaker, water

  5. Mikado

    M: straws

  6. Blowing competition

    M: straw, cotton wool

  7. Blow pipe

    M: cotton wool buds, straws

  8. Indoor blow pipe battle

    M: cotton wool buds, straws

  9. Blow pipe battle with coloured darts

    M: cotton wool buds, straws, coloured water soluble paints

  10. Handstand Drinking

    M: Drinking straws, cups water

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Puns & Language Games

  1. Auntie Cathy

    M: nothing

  2. Composite words

    M: nothing

  3. ABC

    M: nothing

  4. A duck - with two legs – jumps into the water - plop!

    M: nothing

  5. Fight for attention

    M: nothing

  6. Toothless

    M: nothing

  7. Questions and answers 1

    M: nothing

  8. Questions and answers 2

    M: nothing

  9. Can the group count to 100?

    M: nothing

  10. Hello, I am Anton from Ansbach!

    M: nothing

  11. Languages jumble?

    M: nothing (only some appropriate terms)

  12. Alphabetical memory

    M: nothing

  13. Forbidden words

    M: nothing

  14. Long sentence

    M: nothing

  15. Fastest Counter

    M: nothing

  16. Even Faster Counter

    M: nothing

  17. Building words

    M: list of objects

  18. Can you write your name?

    M: chalk or pencils

  19. Draw a Christmas tree

    M: paper and pencils

  20. Folding picture

    M: paper, pencils

  21. There is an answer to every question - but sometimes not the right one!

    M: paper, pencils

  22. Placing and replacing

    M: paper, pencils

  23. Animalistic

    M: paper, pencils

  24. Letter chain

    M: None

  25. Gibberish

    M: None

  26. Water Words

    M: None

  27. Association game

    M: None

  28. Spelling Trouble

    M: None

  29. Listening

    M: None

  30. The name of the fruit

    M: None

  31. Combined nouns

    M: None

  32. Syllables-extension

    M: None

  33. ABC Session

    M: Paper, pencils, alphabet

  34. I am the bottle

    M: None

  35. The ghosts game with words

    M: None

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  1. See Horse Riding Contest

    M: nothing

  2. Turned to Stone

    M: nothing

  3. Hunt and Catch

    M: nothing

  4. Diving

    M: nothing

  5. Tug o' war

    M: stable rope for tag-of-war, or floatable rope

  6. Watermelon ball

    M: watermelon

  7. The wet filling

    M: measuring beaker, water pistols, water, water bucket

  8. Water transport

    M: water, tub or bucket

  9. Water-Man

    M: swimming pool

  10. Piranhas

    M: plastic foil (strips)

  11. Silent As A Fish

    M: blindfolds

  12. Gather It

    M: floatable objects (table tennis balls, corks, swim wings, swim noodles, large and small balls, air mattresses, etc.)

  13. Water Limbo Dancing

    M: rope or pole

  14. Through The Ring

    M: inner tube

  15. Plastic/foil drainpipe

    M: some garbage bags or a long cling wrap, water, water beaker

  16. Flask rally

    M: water, flask, belt

  17. Water fight

    M: water, tub or bucket, cups

  18. Ice cubes on the neck

    M: ice cubes, stop watch

  19. Air Mattress Hopping

    M: air mattresses

  20. Water and Swamp battle

    M: dirty swamp etc.

  21. Water balloon

    M: Toothpicks, water filled balloons, hangers

  22. The filling 1

    M: plastic bottle, tape, water, bucket or tub

  23. Water fight with cardboard armour

    M: water pistols, water, cardboard armours

  24. Frog Diving

    M: None

  25. Dirty Dancing Casting

    M: None

  26. Fish and fishermen

    M: None

  27. Solving the Gordian knot

    M: None

  28. Get away as long as you can

    M: None

  29. Lifeguard Bridge

    M: None

  30. Marry-Go-Around with a difference

    M: None

  31. Chinese Whispers underwater

    M: None

  32. Swirl in pool

    M: None

  33. Water aerobics

    M: None

  34. Water Olympics

    M: None

  35. Long jump deluxe

    M: Stopwatch, ring or something to throw to the bottom of the pool, measuring tape.

  36. A maths game in the water

    M: None

  37. Diving Bridge

    M: None

  38. Fisherman, Fisherman, is how deep the water?

    M: None

  39. Laurenza

    M: None

  40. Cars in the water

    M: Small rubber rings

  41. Jumping the ball in the water

    M: Ball

  42. Blind Manatee

    M: Blindfolds, or prepared goggles

  43. Shark on a leash

    M: Rope, belt

  44. Towels have to remain dry

    M: A towel per team, kitchen scales

  45. Bowling with a difference

    M: Ball, water bottle (plastic), water

  46. Candle transport

    M: Candles, matches, board

  47. Children’s wash

    M: Water pistols or sponges

  48. Airbeds Chaos

    M: Air mattress

  49. Airbeds race

    M: Airbeds

  50. Mini balls in the pool

    M: Many soft balls

  51. Shell collector

    M: Shells

  52. Wringing out wet towels

    M: Towels, water, measuring cup

  53. Wet Handball Match

    M: Ball, possibly goals

  54. Kickboards Paddle break

    M: Kickboards

  55. Poker Chips - Pool Diving

    M: Poker chips

  56. Pool noodle taxi

    M: Pool noodles, two for each team

  57. Swim ring Wrestling

    M: Swimming rings, floating tire

  58. Water Rugby - head butt ballgame

    M: Helmets, Rugby Ball

  59. Floating Chocolate Kiss

    M: Chocolate kisses,

  60. Floating carpet

    M: Air mattresses, inflatable animals, etc.

  61. Pool Noodle Fight

    M: Pool noodles, belt

  62. Seahorses with a difference

    M: Pool noodles

  63. Song in the water

    M: Song list

  64. Diving for objects

    M: Various items for diving.

  65. Diving competition

    M: stopwatch

  66. Blindman's Buff

    M: Blindfolds

  67. Do not touch!

    M: Water ball

  68. Catch the ball

    M: ball

  69. Pirate treasure hunting

    M: Coins or other items

  70. Dog relay race

    M: Water ball

  71. Spoon Search

    M: Spoons, tub or pool

  72. Without hands

    M: Very large shirt

  73. Jumping through a hoop

    M: Large ring or tyre

  74. Sponge game

    M: Sponges, buckets, plastic bottles

  75. Floaties used differently

    M: Swimming pool, floaties

  76. Running with pool noodles through the water

    M: Pool noodles

  77. Water relay race

    M: Sponge, TT-ball, cup, measuring cup

  78. Water or swimming relay race

    M: Buoy or anything alike

  79. Number bet swimming

    M: Cards, clothes pegs

  80. Plastic basin Tarzan

    M: Rope, suitable tree, pool or lake

  81. Plastic bottle with holes

    M: Plastic bottles, nail to punch a hole, water

  82. Paper ship ahoy

    M: Paper

  83. Water balloon picking

    M: Balloons, toothpicks

  84. Animal pantomime under water

    M: Cards with animal pictures or names

  85. Fun-Bubbles

    M: Fun-Bubbles

  86. Santa Claus and his swimming animals

    M: Christmas hat, sack, swimming animal

  87. Tornado

    M: Nothing

  88. Pool noodle ball

    M: Pool noodles

  89. Mug swimming

    M: Measuring cup, cup, if necessary TT balls, buckets

  90. Glow worms

    M: Swimming boards, tea lights, lighter

  91. Mattress canoe

    M: Air beds, measuring cup, cups, bucket

  92. Diving

    M: None

  93. Setting the table

    M: Everything you need to set the table.

  94. Schnappi in the Water

    M: None

  95. Catching your predecessor

    M: None

  96. Fruit salad

    M: None

  97. Spaghetti - Pepsi

    M: None

  98. Who is scared of the white shark?

    M: None

  99. Gumboot race

    M: Clean rubber boots

  100. Sack race in the water

    M: Clean jute- or cloth bags

  101. Water Sprint

    M: None

  102. Water Handball

    M: Water ball, goals or something similar

  103. Jungle River

    M: Other than a list of different water animals nothing is needed

  104. Journey to Jerusalem

    M: DVD player, music, maybe chairs

  105. Talkative Water Game

    M: None

  106. The foot ring

    M: rings

  107. The next Water-Model

    M: Underwater Photo (waterproof camera)

  108. Swirl

    M: Round pool

  109. Who will be the Water King?

    M: Diving rings or paper crown

  110. Stone, starfish and white shark

    M: None

  111. Diving for pearls

    M: Different objects

  112. Raspberry Bonbon

    M: Nothing. If necessary, diving rings

  113. Waiters' Race

    M: floating board or tray, cup, container

  114. Team Diving

    M: Stopwatch

  115. How much water will the bag take?

    M: Garbage bags, cups

  116. Fire, water, storm

    M: Swimming pool

  117. Chained Shark

    M: Swimming pool

  118. A game of catch in the water

    M: None

  119. Catching the shark

    M: None

  120. Spoon diving

    M: Spoon or other objects

  121. T-shirt game

    M: Bucket, t-shirt

  122. The blind Manatee

    M: Blindfold

  123. Domino

    M: None

  124. Toilet seat diving

    M: Toilet seat

  125. Pushing along in the water

    M: Airbeds

  126. A play of catch – however with a challenge.

    M: Blindfold

  127. Catching ducklings

    M: Buckets, rubber ducks

  128. Catching fish

    M: None

  129. Bursting the balloons

    M: Balloons

  130. Washerwomen

    M: Bucket, towel

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Games w/o winners or losers

  1. Stay firm

    M: nothing

  2. Widest smile, most evil grin

    M: nothing

  3. Ghosts

    M: nothing

  4. Opposites -Similarities

    M: nothing

  5. The split second answer

    M: nothing (only some appropriate questions)

  6. The sculptor and his shapes

    M: nothing

  7. Everything in slow motion

    M: nothing

  8. Evolution

    M: nothing

  9. The blind and the seeing

    M: blindfolds

  10. The ticking alarm clock

    M: blindfold, alarm clock

  11. The hunt for understanding

    M: cards with numbers

  12. Frank, Johnny and Walter

    M: bonbons, sweets

  13. Drawing phrases on the back

    M: nothing or: paper, pencils

  14. Skipping rope

    M: rope

  15. Frogs

    M: blindfolds

  16. Without direction

    M: blindfolds

  17. Blind Rope shapes

    M: rope

  18. Pole ballet or the wandering stick

    M: sticks for each player

  19. I have never done that before! But I have!

    M: ball

  20. Hula hula

    M: hula hoop

  21. Risk

    M: balloons, tasks

  22. The group feeding

    M: spoons, bowls with muesli,

  23. Household servants and digits

    M: None

  24. Memory with a difference

    M: None

  25. Mannequins Ė finding the difference

    M: None

  26. Schnick - Schnack - Schnuck XXL

    M: None

  27. Detectives are on their way

    M: Two small objects which fit easily into the kidís hands

  28. Human Memory

    M: None

  29. The cube cat and mouse game

    M: String, plastic cups, cubes, buckets

  30. The egg timer bomb

    M: Hourglass

  31. Catching the Fox

    M: A small bag with an object

  32. King for a few minutes

    M: Pillow, crown

  33. Warriors and Indians

    M: Blindfolds

  34. Shepherd and sheep with little problems

    M: Blindfolds

  35. Chaos in the room

    M: List of tasks

  36. Journey to Jerusalem with detours

    M: Ribbons paint, etc. to mark several places

  37. Chained together

    M: String, ribbons, about 90cm long

  38. Evolution

    M: None

  39. Give me a song

    M: None

  40. Hot chocolate

    M: Gloves, hat, scarf, several chocolate wrappings, knife, fork, dice

  41. Chestnut faces

    M: Chestnuts, crayons, permanent markers

Co-Operation Games

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Co-operation games

  1. One On leg

    M: nothing

  2. Caterpillar Walk

    M: nothing

  3. Double roll

    M: nothing

  4. Caterpillar race

    M: Wide boards with hand and foot loops.

  5. Catching mousetraps

    M: mouse traps, rope

  6. Through the pipe labyrinth

    M: hula-hoop

  7. Pullover or T-Shirt rally

    M: old pullover or large T-Shirt

  8. The transport solution

    M: rope, ball or other objects

  9. Solidarity

    M: drink coaster or paper

  10. A co-operation game: A-wood race

    M: A sturdy wooden frame in the shape of an A and 2 long ropes.

  11. Rope co-operation

    M: 1-2 long stable ropes, 1 fat tree

  12. Rescue Island

    M: carpet square, chairs, tables

  13. Defusing bombs

    M: ropes, plastic bottle or bowl

  14. Spider Web

    M: ropes, 2 trees

  15. Acid lake

    M: Ropes, small object

  16. Egg flight

    M: Eggs, tape, straws, paper, string, scissors

  17. Group Twister

    M: none

  18. Save the animals

    M: Various items such as stuffed animals, scarves, trousers

  19. Hurdle course blindfolded

    M: Blindfolds

  20. Tightrope

    M: Rope

  21. Letting yourself go

    M: None

  22. Balancing on benches

    M: Long Gym Bench

  23. Polar expedition

    M: None

  24. A walk in Space

    M: Sheets of A4 paper

  25. Over the cord

    M: Rope and two chairs

  26. The swamp monster

    M: Carpet tiles

  27. Building silently

    M: Building materials

  28. The raft

    M: Toothpicks, strings, glue (if required)

  29. Balancing a rod

    M: Rod or bar

  30. Labyrinth

    M: Blindfolds

  31. A number game

    M: None

  32. Order must be restored

    M: Sturdy chairs

  33. Noisy Forest

    M: Blindfolds

  34. Turning the cloth

    M: Large cloth

  35. Snake run

    M: Blindfolds

  36. Come closer

    M: None

  37. A conveyor belt with a different

    M: Light object, for example, a stuffed animal

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Communication games

  1. Guess the movement

    M: nothing

  2. The monkey house

    M: nothing

  3. Market Barkers

    M: nothing

  4. Better than Eddie Murphy

    M: nothing

  5. Foot contact

    M: nothing

  6. Double statue 2

    M: blindfold

  7. Laying figures

    M: matches

  8. Blind Grabs

    M: apples, lemons, and oranges

  9. Steno

    M: text, paper, pencils

  10. Mine field with mouse traps

    M: mouse traps

  11. Railway in the Swamp

    M: None or blindfolds for all

  12. Imitating objects

    M: None

  13. Statue and sculptor

    M: None

  14. Listen to each other while blindfolded

    M: None

  15. Blindfolded Football

    M: Blindfolds, ball

  16. Stepping into the circle

    M: None

  17. Triangle formation

    M: None

  18. The robots are cut loose

    M: None

  19. Counting through

    M: None

  20. Bailout in a Polar station

    M: Rope, blindfolds (or bucket)

  21. Counting can be hard

    M: None

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Coordination Games

  1. Crossed roundabout

    M: rope or chalk

  2. Rope shapes

    M: rope

  3. Meter stick

    M: meter stick

  4. Conveyor belt

    M: ball or sack filled with straw

  5. Co-ordination

    M: 2 boards with ropes

  6. Building

    M: different building or craft material

  7. Bucket co-ordination

    M: rope, 2 buckets, water

  8. Killer Radio Vehicle

    M: Blindfolds

  9. Tapping numbers

    M: Rope, number cards

  10. A chair with just two legs

    M: Sturdy chairs

  11. Where is Schnappi?

    M: Stuffed animal or any other object

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