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Ball Game Chaos

Time: 30 min.
Recommended age: from 8
Size of group: minimum 14
Time for preparation: none
Material: Tennis ball, softball, soccer (3 balls in total)

Game description

A fun ball game, which sounds a bit confusing at first. Two teams are formed, and each team has a goalkeeper, four players, and a finder. Also, you will need 3 balls. A very small ball (ping pong ball), a softball and a game ball (foot- or handball). The tiny ball is hidden somewhere before the game. That’s up to the game leader to hide the ball at a place without the kids to know. Now the game can begin. The participants try to get the ball into the goal. However, to do so, they are only allowed to move three steps forward. While the kids are playing, it is the task of the finders to find the small ball. As soon as they find the ball the game is over and the team who found the ball wins. There are also the drivers. They are on the sidelines, trying to shoot their opponents down. The kid who gets hit has to run around the field and must not play while doing so. However, the goalkeeper is spared at all times.


None, unless you come up with some sort of agreement.

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The ball may be paled as long as the hidden ball is not found

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