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Get in!

Time: 15 min.
Recommended age: from 8
Size of group: minimum 10
Time for preparation: none
Material: None, rope or chalk

Game description

In this game, the children stand in a circle and hold on to both hands. In the middle of this circle, a rope is put on the ground so that it forms a circle as well. The kids have to try now, to pull one another into the circle without letting go of their hands. This is not easy because everybody pulls into another direction and away from the circle. However, if someone does let go of their hands, those two children have to leave the game. The game goes on and on until all kids are in the circle. Should one remain outside, then he is the winner. Here you have to be strong and fight against each other. It is not so easy. Because on one hand you do not want to end up in the circle, but on the other hand, the competitor would like to see just that. An ideal match for the warm season outdoors or in the gym.


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