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Fox Hunt or Lazy Egg

Time: 10-15 min. or in any order
Recommended age: even more for younger kids
Size of group: from 15 persons or more
Time for preparation: none
Material: handkerchief or package of tissues

Game description

For those of you who don’t know this game, here are the rules. Everyone in the group stands in a circle. One player is the fox. He walks around the outside of the circle and drops an item (handkerchief, package of tissues, etc.), behind one of the players. Players are not allowed to look behind their backs while the fox is behind them. When the player notices that the item has been dropped behind him, he must run after the fox and tag him. If he does, the player may go back to his place and the fox must try to fool another player. The fox runs around the circle and takes the empty place in the circle. If the fox can successfully run around the circle and take a place, the person where the item was dropped is the lazy egg and must go into the middle of the circle until another player becomes the lazy egg.


For example double teams can be made, where both players must take to the chase, or start in opposite directions.


no scoring

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Fox Hunt or Lazy Egg is a well known game but still appropriate with young groups.

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