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Time: approx. 15 - 20 min. or longer
Recommended age: from 8
Size of group: minimum 8 persons
Time for preparation: none
Material: Circle of chairs,

Game description

This funny getting to know game is ideal when a group of children meets for the first time. This is not only an entertaining game but helps at the same time to learn each other’s names and getting acquainted. The children sit in a circle. If enough chairs are available, sit on the chairs. Otherwise, all kids sit on the ground. One child is drawn to be the anteater. Only when the anteater has left the room, another child will be drawn, which is the ant. Now the anteater is allowed to come inside again. He walks around in the circle and says: “I am the anteater, what is your name?” The child says his name and the anteater moves on to the next child, asking for his name again. When he comes to the “ant,” the child has to answer, “I am the ant.” Now all the kids get up and run to a new seat. The child who misses out is the anteater and has to go outside.


There is no winner. Getting to know each other and having fun is the focus of this game.

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