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Dog or cat | True or false

Time: approx. 10 min. or in any order
Recommended age: all ages
Size of group: each team min. 5 persons
Time for preparation: none (only hold the material)
Material: coin

Game description

The group is spilt into 2 teams with equal numbers. Bother teams stand opposite each other approx. 5m apart. Behind each team, there is a „safety line“ 20 meters away. A coin is now thrown. If heads is thrown, the dogs chase the cats and if tails is thrown the cats chase the dogs. The players who are tagged before they reach the safety line are out of the game.
Option: instead of being out of the game, the players swap teams.


Instead of throwing a coin, a game of paper, scissors, and stone might be played to choose which team chases.
Option 2: instead of throwing a coin, a story can be told with different claims. If the claim is true, team A chases team B and vice versa.


no scoring, the fun is important

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