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Brain for sale

Time: approx. 5 min.
Recommended age: from 12
Size of group: 2 persons
Time for preparation: none, only 10-15 minutes to train the sketch
Material: nothing (or some glasses)

Game description

A salesman shouts: „Brain for sale, brain for sale!“ A customer comes: „Hey I need some brain. What does this one here cost?“ The salesman says: „Hmm let’s see! That is the brain of one of the camp members and costs 50€. That really is a good buy.“ The customer asks: „Do you have something else on offer?“ The salesman shows him a much smaller glass with brain: „No problem. I’ve got another one here on offer for 100€!“ The customer asks: „Why is that one so small in comparison to the other one but double the price?“ the salesman replies to him: „That is brain from the camp leaders. Have you any idea how many camp leaders we need to come across so much brain?“


just for fun, or the fun wins

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