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Cat chases mouse

Time: approx. 10 min.
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: over 20 persons are ideal
Time for preparation: none
Material: nothing

Game description

2 kids are chosen as cat and mouse. The rest of the group stands in equal rows ( e.g. 4x4 or 7x7 rows). The distance between the player is enough so that they can hold hands. The arms are stretched out so that the group makes a trellis form. The cat starts in one corner and the mouse in the opposite corner. The cat and mouse may only run through the trellis rows and never between two players because their arms make a barrier. the mouse may give the command that everyone must make a quarter turn to the right. This means that the trellis rows change and the mouse comes closer to catching the cat.


Who can catch the mouse the quickest?

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