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Non-contact rugby

Time: maximal 30 min.
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: each team 7 persons min.
Time for preparation: low
Material: ball, ribbons

Game description

A rugby ball must be placed behind the opponent's line. Each player has a plastic band in the waistband (plastic bags cut into 5-10cm wide strips). The strip must hang out at least 20cm and must not be covered by the t-shirt or jumper. The game rules are simple. Rule 1: the ball must be handed over if the ribbon is lost. Rule 2: The player is not allowed to be held still but his action is stopped by pulling the ribbon. Rule 3: No action is possible without a ribbon, this means no ball takeover, the ball must be passed on straight away and no removing of the opponent's ribbon is possible.


The number of goals is decisive.

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