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Cottonwool-straw-obstacle course

Time: approx. 3 min., or extend the game
Recommended age: all ages, from 6, if necessary adapt the rules
Size of group: playable with a few teammates
Time for preparation: none
Material: Straws, cotton wools, hurdles

Game description

Group leader and kids together work out an obstacle course. Once the participants have gathered at the starting line, they will each receive a straw and a cotton ball. Now they have to use the straw to navigate the ball through the obstacle course. Depending on how difficult the course is, it will need quite some skill to get the cotton ball through. The game has to be played one after the other to avoid a mess.


The winner is the player who can get the cotton ball as quickly as possible through the course.

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Participants must blow a cotton ball with the help of a straw through an obstacle course.

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