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Time: approx. 30 min or longer
Recommended age: from 10-12
Size of group: from 2 to 12 persons max.
Time for preparation: none
Material: Indiaca, playing field and net

Game description

The indiaca is played over a net so that it hits the ground in the opponent's half before they can hit it back again. The indiaca can be played with a flat hand, fist, finger tips or back of the hand but must be hit and not lead. The serve starts on the right side behind the back line. The indiaca must be held under hip level and is only released when hit. The serve is always done from below and not overhead like in volleyball.


The scoring is like volleyball and the player rotation and serves as well.

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Indiana - a game using the flat of the hand to hit a ball with feathers according to volleyball rules.

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