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Pressing the stamp

Time: approx. 15-20 min.
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: each team min. 3 persons
Time for preparation: low
Material: 3-4 stamp pads, 3-4 letter stamps (made from foam or potatoes).

Game description

For this relay game you will need 3-4 tables each with a stamp pad and a letter stamp set up 30m away from the groups. The letter stamps might be A,H,B and N for example. The first players in the groups start on the signal and choose a stamp station. They stamp a part of their own body beginning with this letter. For example an "A" might be stamped on the arm and a "H" on the head. Once the player has done he quickly returns to the group and the next runner has a go. This player may also choose a letter and stamp a body part. Double stamps do not count. This means that the head is only counted once for the group however the "A" for arm can be used twice.


Once the time is up the number of stamped body parts are counted. A body part is only counted once even if two players in a group both have a stamp on the particular body part. This means that the group members must discuss which body parts are missing and which have already been stamped.

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Print a stamp on each body part with A, H, B and N

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