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Ribbel Dibbel or President - Vice President

Time: approx. 15-20 min.
Recommended age: from 8
Size of group: it doesn't matter
Time for preparation: none
Material: nothing

Game description

Every player receives a number (1,2,3,…). Everyone slaps his thigh, then claps his hands and then snaps his fingers. On each of the following words, the thigh, hands or fingers makes the beat. The first player says “Ribbel Dibbel number 1 calls Ribbel Dibbel number 2”. Then player 2 calls another player. If someone doesn’t keep the rhythm or says the call wrong, he receives a dot (dibble) of Nivea cream on his face. The winner is the person with the fewest ‘dots’ of cream on his face.


The first person is named President, the second person is Vice-President. The following players are given numbers. The first player beats in a rhythm with a slap on his thigh, then clap hands, then points with the right hand over the right shoulder (or snap right fingers) and then says his title or number. Next, he points with the other (left) hand over the left shoulder (or snap left fingers), naming the next player by his title or number. That player must repeat the rhythm made by the first player and then name the player after him in line. Whoever gets confused, goes to the end of the line. The other players move up one place and get a new title or number and remember it. The player who has to go to the end of the line 3 times, gets a nick-name, which the other players must remember and use when calling the next player in line.


the aim is to become the boss or at least not to become Dibbel.

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An amusing circle game with rhythm, movement and concentration.

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