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Short scene from the train

Time: approx. 3-5 minutes
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: 4 performers
Time for preparation: none, only 10-15 minutes to train the sketch
Material: bag, sack

Game description

Location: A train compartment as before.

Players: 2-3 passengers, the customs officer.

One of the passengers has a large sack under their seat.

The man: "We will arrive at the border soon. I hope that the customs officer turns a blind eye."

Lady: "Oh, please – how much are you allowed to carry then?"

Man: "Oh, 5 pounds if they do not catch you."

Dame: "Oh, well I only have 2 tins of Nescafe."

The man, calmingly: "Then there’ll be problem then."

The man with the sack sits silently in his seat and smokes.

The customs officer comes in: "Customs control please — madam, do you have something to declare?"

The lady is nervous: "No — yes - no – I don’t know - maybe!"

Customs officer: "Well show me what you have."

The lady opens her bag, pulls out two jars of Nescafe and places them on the bench.

Officer: "Is that everything?"

Lady: "Yes— no — maybe, I don’t know."

Officer: Do not be so nervous. Look at the gentleman there. You can keep just as calm if you do not have a guilty conscience."

He turns to the smoker: "Sir, anything to declare? Spirits, tobacco, coffee?" The smoker shakes his head.

Officer: "Allow me to take a look!" He peers under the seat. "Is that yours?"

The smoker nods: "Yes!"

Officer: "What you have in the sack?"

The smoker: "Nothing, officer. Only food for by rabbit."

Officer: "Rabbit food? Then take it out and show me!"

The smoker pulls the sack out from under the seat with trouble and slowly releases the knot.

The officer looks inside: "But, sir. That isn’t rabbit food. That is tobacco. Rabbits do not eat tobacco!"

The smoker says quite calmly: "Well, well, they don’t eat that? — Then they won’t get anything to eat at all."


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