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The blind passenger

Time: approx. 3-5 minutes
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: 4 performers
Time for preparation: none, only 10-15 minutes to train the sketch
Material: rows of chairs

Game description

Location: In front of and in a train compartment (two rows of 2/3 stools).

Players: Three hiking boys and the guard.

Two boys with fully packed rucksacks come in front of the compartment. Robert looks around: "Hey, Fred has lost his ticket. He pulled his pennies out of his bag for the ice cream and pulled it out together with his handkerchief. I picked it up."

Willie: "And the lazy boy won’t get a move on even though the train is about to leave." He calls out: "Move it, Fred, move it!"

Robert: "Hey, I have just thought of something. We should make him panic. Don’t let him know that I found his ticket."

Willie nods his head: "How then?"

Robert: "Let me do it!"

Both of them climb aboard. Fred comes along snorting and panting. Just as he climbs aboard, we hear the guard sound his whistle and shout “all aboard”.

The three of them throw their heavy rucksacks down onto the benches.

Robert: "The guard is already in our carriage. Get your tickets ready!"

Fred searches in his pockets for his ticket and empties his pockets onto the seat: Handkerchief, pocket knife, piece of string and everything else a boy’s pocket can contain.

He becomes more and more nervous: "Hey guys, I’ve lost my ticket. What a pain!"

Willie: "Don’t mess us around!"

Fred: "It’s true and I haven’t got any money to buy another one and the guard is already coming.

Willie: "The guard is just over there."

Robert: "I know what! Crawl under the bench. We’ll sit down so that he cannot see you."

Fred quickly fills his pockets again, places his rucksack under the bench and climbs under. Robert and Willie sit down. The guard appears straight away.

Guard: "Tickets please!"

Willie shows his ticket. The guard marks the ticket with his pencil.

Guard to Robert: "Sir?!"

Robert: "Here you are." He gives the guard two tickets.

Guard: "You are travelling alone and have two tickets?"

Robert: "What do you mean, alone? The other passenger loves the space under the bench. If you would like to take a look, sir!"

Both of them move to the side.

The guard, Willie and Robert all laugh. Fred crawls out from under the bench: ."What a cheek!"


no scoring

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