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Time: approx. 10 min.
Recommended age: from 8
Size of group: 7-10 persons min.
Time for preparation: none
Material: ball

Game description

Everyone stands in a circle. A person in the middle of the circle throws a ball up vertically in the air and calls out the name of a member of the group. This person then catches the ball and shouts “Stop!” At this point, the others stand frozen. The ball catcher may now take 3 large steps towards any player in the circle and try to strike this person with the ball. The chosen player is not allowed to move from the spot but is allowed to divert (duck, turn away,…).


If the ball is caught by the player who is called out (this means no contact with the ground) then he can carry straight and call out a new catcher.


If the person is hit, this person has one minus point; otherwise the thrower gets the minus point if he does manage to hit the player. Make sure that the names are called out equal amounts of times.

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The ball is thrown up in the air and is caught by a player whose name is called out.

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