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Gold bar transport

Time: approx. 90 min.
Recommended age: from 10
Size of group: from 15 persons or more
Time for preparation: low
Material: Wooden logs or other transportable objects (tons, beakers) and a camp flag for the marking.

Game description

Group of robbers and mine owners are put together and the groups of robbers should make up half of the numbers. Each mine owning group receives a wooden block painted with gold paint (yellow paint) and then transports it into they mine (den). The mine owners have a 10 minute head start to do this. Then the robbers are allowed to start and try and find the dens. A signal tone introduces the second round of the game. Now the mine owners must try to transport as much gold as possible to the central bank. The position of the central bank should not be revealed to the robbers. If robbers get hold of the gold while it is being transported the mine owners must hand it over and fetch a new bar of gold. If a band of robbers finds a den the whole supply of gold can be plundered.


The mining companies and robbers can work together.


The mining company who could deliver the most gold bards wins. The winning team of robbers are those who could steal the most gold.

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