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T-shirt game

Time: approx. 10-15 min., depends on group-size
Recommended age: approx. from 8, if necessary adapt the rules
Size of group: playable with a few teammates
Time for preparation: none
Material: Bucket, t-shirt

Game description

In the beginning, divide the group into two teams. Next, each team receives one t-shirt and one bucket. Preferably, the bucket has a litre display. The fist player of each round, runs, with the t-shirt on to the water and jumps in. Then they run back, take the t-shirt off and wring it into the bucket. Then he passes the t-shirt to the next player who does just the same.


Instead of a group game, you can play this as a 1:1 competition. This is particularly suitable if you have only a few kids to play with and dividing them would make no sense. In this case, each player receives a T-shirt and a bucket; he must fill.


The winner is the team who managed to get the most water into their bucket.

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